Commercial bark pit

The importance of Sandpit and Bark pit top ups

Sandpits are a great form of enjoyment and bark pits provide a much needed under surfacing fall material, but both need regular maintenance and top ups to make sure that the children’s safety stays a top priority. Sandpit Top Ups: Sand is relatively simple and is used a lot around Australia as an under surfacing… Read More »

Commercial bark

What type of bark does your centre need?

Are you thinking of doing up your centres gardens? Or maybe you need some soft fall bark for a playground? It’s important to know which mulch or bark to invest in. Different bark or mulch has different purposes. First, you have to decide what you are doing to the garden or exterior of your centre,… Read More »

General maintenance

Will you be including interior changes to your business this winter?

Winter has indeed arrived for some parts of Australia and with the colder weather comes the dreaded budgeting planning. There can be so much to organise and what to place the most importance on. One area you shouldn’t forget is looking after the facilities of your business. Everyday your centre is subject to general wear… Read More »

Don’t let pests run your facility! Make sure you’re prepared

Pests are those unwanted, annoying, and unhygienic guests that no one wants to have over. At Mathiou Services we don’t want you worrying about those pesky problems and we are here to help you with all your pest problems.   A few of the pests that we can help with: Flies: They love to hang around… Read More »

General maintenance

Schedule a general handyman today!

Unfortunately, problems can suddenly arise at your facility every now and then, and we know that you want someone who will be reliable yet efficient with their service. At Mathiou Services we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service with all handymen being trained and qualified. Still not convinced your centre needs one? Here are just… Read More »

Garden Maintenance

Improve your facilities exterior with gardening maintenance

Your interior is just as important as your facilities exterior. It is not just the first thing a client or customer will see but it can also significantly improve the mood and functionality of a business. A dull and colourless exterior doesn’t make for a fun or productive environment, and with children’s playgrounds and centres… Read More »