How to keep your playground safe?

Playgrounds are a great way for children to enjoy being active and to help aid development and social skills. Going to the playground is a highly requested activity from children so they can run, play and swing. But playgrounds can be a spot for injuries and accidents, usually due to improper use of equipment, outdated… Read More »

Keep up with your playground maintenance by new upgrades

We all know how quickly things can wear and tear, and a playground is no different. A playground is actually something that should be checked and maintained regularly, but with all the equipment there does come a time when it needs to be replaced or refitted with newer features. We have worked closely with many… Read More »

What you can add to your centres playground to make it more fun

Even the smallest of changes can make your playground more fun and can create a more visually appealing space for both children and adults to enjoy. After constant use of the same equipment children can lose interest, but with a few small changes to the area just watch the fun and enjoyment return. By tweaking and… Read More »

About Mathiou Services – Our Explainer Video Revealed

"About Mathiou Services" – the video that explains it all… How much do you know about our Services? As a business that prides ourselves as being a ‘one stop shop” for all building and maintenance needs, we wanted to explain that we do more then just painting, or just gardening or just maintenance. We also… Read More »

childcare sandpit

How to look after your sandpit

If your centre has a sandpit you will find that maintenance is the key to keeping its longevity. Sandpits are a great source of fun and creativity but can also be a potential home for bacteria and infection. The main focus is to keep it clean and well maintained. Here are some following guidelines to… Read More »

Commercial bark pit

The importance of Sandpit and Bark pit top ups

Sandpits are a great form of enjoyment and bark pits provide a much needed under surfacing fall material, but both need regular maintenance and top ups to make sure that the children’s safety stays a top priority. Sandpit Top Ups: Sand is relatively simple and is used a lot around Australia as an under surfacing… Read More »

Commercial bark

What type of bark does your centre need?

Are you thinking of doing up your centres gardens? Or maybe you need some soft fall bark for a playground? It’s important to know which mulch or bark to invest in. Different bark or mulch has different purposes. First, you have to decide what you are doing to the garden or exterior of your centre,… Read More »

General maintenance

Will you be including interior changes to your business this winter?

Winter has indeed arrived for some parts of Australia and with the colder weather comes the dreaded budgeting planning. There can be so much to organise and what to place the most importance on. One area you shouldn’t forget is looking after the facilities of your business. Everyday your centre is subject to general wear… Read More »