Why shade sails are so important for your centre

Why shade sails are so important for your centre

It goes without saying that summer in Australia can be overwhelmingly hot, so ensuring your centre or facility has sufficient shade is crucial to beating the heat. A great and simple alternative is to create your own shade if your outside area is lacking in shade options. This can be done by simply adding shade… Read More »

Childcare’s mini make-over creates impact

  Internal Upgrade   How a mini makeover can make a big impact Location: Brisbane, QLD, AUS Duration: 3 Days   We had the pleasure of working with this childcare centre to make minor changes that created a huge impact for the centre visually and practically. Some of the work included: –   New feature walls including… Read More »

Garden Maintenance

What weed killer are you using and is it safe?

Health and safety has always been a big part of Mathiou Services DNA, and gardening has its own hazards when warding off the weeds. The potential harmful side effects of chemical herbicide used in the wrong way are many and the number of studies to support such claims is too numerous to list. As one… Read More »

Low maintenance and kid friendly plants – great for Spring

If there is a recipe to achieving a balance between a garden that is easy on the eye and one that is child-friendly, it starts with simple rules. Use plants that can survive all seasons and most importantly is resilient. Design some interesting spaces, different areas to sit, hidden spots for the children to discover… Read More »

Benefits of a Sensory Garden and how to create one

Spring is upon us and with it brings the natural appeal of the outdoors. When designing a garden a great way to create an adventure for the children is through a Sensory Garden- this is a carefully selected and placed group of plants and accessories that provide experiences for Seeing Smelling Hearing Touching Tasting Pushing… Read More »

Loganholme Playground and Bathroom Upgrade

Internal and External Upgrade How simple upgrades can make a huge impact to your centre Location: Loganholme, QLD, AUS Size: Approx 200 m² Timeframe: 2 weeks   We recently were given the opportunity to upgrade this Loganholme centre’s playground and bathrooms. This was completed over a two week period and included new AstroTurf in the preschool… Read More »

Encourage social behaviour with interactive outdoor play areas

A great way to get children to create and to play socially together is to incorporate sand and water into your centre’s playground. Sand and water encourages hands on learning that can help improve creative play and can be incorporated into school learning with maths, science, and early development and imagination. All are important to… Read More »

How to keep your playground safe?

Playgrounds are a great way for children to enjoy being active and to help aid development and social skills. Going to the playground is a highly requested activity from children so they can run, play and swing. But playgrounds can be a spot for injuries and accidents, usually due to improper use of equipment, outdated… Read More »

Keep up with your playground maintenance by new upgrades

We all know how quickly things can wear and tear, and a playground is no different. A playground is actually something that should be checked and maintained regularly, but with all the equipment there does come a time when it needs to be replaced or refitted with newer features. We have worked closely with many… Read More »