Childcare’s mini make-over creates impact

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Internal Upgrade

How a mini makeover can

make a big impact

Location: Brisbane, QLD, AUS

Duration: 3 Days


We had the pleasure of working with this childcare centre to make minor changes that created a huge impact for the centre visually and practically. Some of the work included:

  • -   New feature walls including greenery and mirrors
  • -   Ceiling hung chair
  • -   Amended kitchen cabinetry to fit a double oven, including bench top
  • -   Wall hung fans (to cool kitchen when operable)
  • -   Fixed doorway

Scope of works

Feature Wall

Removed existing mirror, added a green wall and framed new mirrors

Hanging Chair

Removed shelving, hanged chair from a newly installed support beam

Install Double Oven

Removed cabinetry and existing stove top and single wall hanging oven to make room for a double oven, installed a double gas oven

Upgrade reception desk
Add panelling and paint over existing desk

Before and Afters