Every facility needs a high-quality rain and gutter system. There are many gutters out there on the market and it can be an overwhelming decision when it comes to choosing the right one for your place of business. Here is our list of recommendations that can be installed by the team at Mathiou Services.

Depending on where your centre or facility is situated will determine on what type of gutter your building will need. Gutters are made out of a variety of materials and each of them have different strengths and costs.

  • Aluminum: Lightweight, won’t rust, continuous gutter options
  • Colorbond Steel: Strong, resists rusts but can be subject to after 5-10 years, can be painted.
  • Plastic: Lightweight and easy to work with.
  • Vinyl: Lightweight and inexpensive, may crack in severe cold.
  • Copper: Durable, won’t rust, no need to paint.
  • Cast Iron: Traditional and hardwearing, but is very heavy.

Now that you have a material in mind there is also the element of design and what each one does. There are many styles of gutters but the most common ones are:gutters commercial facility

  • K Style Gutters: They have flat bottoms and backs on them, usually with a decorative front shape, these are most popular due to their decorative crown molding appearance.
  • Fascia Gutters: Usually used when buildings don’t have fascia boards over the rafter tails and perform the function of one.
  • Half Round Gutters: A half round circle with the open half facing the roof, due to their shape they often hold a lot of debris.
  • European Gutters: These are made from natural weathering metals and are distinguished by their gutter bead that faces the outside versus the inside, usually are half round gutter style.

Plus, gutter guard to protect:

  • Downpipes and stormwater lines
  • Waterways

Roof inspection to inspect:

  • Condition and performance and rainwater gutter system

With all of this in mind it can still be hard to know which gutter style and material would benefit your centre, but with a quick visit from one our specialists we can easily recommend the most suited gutter for your centre.

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