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Why your air conditioner isn’t working properly

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Have you noticed that your centre is constantly humid and that there isn’t a consistent stream of cold air? Or maybe your air conditioner seems to be working but your centre is still hot. It could be that your air conditioner is playing up and it may need a quick clean fix or replacement.

No one likes to be stuck working in a hot humid situation inside, this can throw off focus and productivity and can create an uncomfortable work environment.

Sometimes it can be as easy as checking the settings on your air conditioner if your centre is not cooling down. This has to do with the thermostat as most will have an “auto” and “on” setting, if on “auto” this will change according to the room temperature and the “on” setting will run regardless of room temperature.Why your air conditioner isn’t working properly v1

But most of the time if your air conditioner isn’t working properly this can be the cause of something more technical:


This component is so important in making sure your air conditioner produces cold and warm air. If the ductwork is damaged either bent or cracked the unit is unable to produce a constant temperature that is required.


It’s normal for your air con to leak small amount of refrigerant every now and then if it’s not in constant use but if it is producing too much this is a big sign that your air conditioner is having trouble cooling. Moisture can sometimes be the cause of this and that is why having regular maintenance is important in preventing big issues from occurring.

Dirty Filters:

Cleaning out the filters is definitely a quick fix to ensuring your centre’s air conditioner is working efficiently. If they are dirty and clogged this can prevent the airflow that it is working so hard to produce and also is forcing out dirty air particles.


The condenser coil in particular is responsible for producing cold air from your air conditioner to your centre but if this coil isn’t working anymore this can cause the cold air to stall. The fan will still turn on making you think that it’s still working, but in reality it’s not able to produce the cold air that you require.

All of these can be a bit tricky to spot and figure out which one is the root of the problem. Let the team at Mathiou Services do the work for you, we can come check your air conditioner and determine the problem straight away. 

Contact us on 1300 363 423 to get your air conditioner back up and running before it gets too hot.


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