About Mathiou Services – Explainer Video Revealed

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"About Mathiou Services" - the explainer video that says it all...

How much do you know about our Services?

Mathiou Services is a family owned business. As a business that prides itself as being a ‘one stop shop” for all building and maintenance needs, Mathiou Services wanted to explain that we do more than just painting, or just gardening or just maintenance. We also do carpentry, plumbing, electricalpest control maintenance and more to help with any and all your building and maintenance needs. 

As a result, we created a video to help explain it with more than just words.

Sooooo, without further delay, we would like to introduce our “Mathiou Services – Explainer Video”.




If you have any maintenance and building requirements, feel free to contact us today on 1300 363 423 or visit our contact page.

Our Services

Maintenance and Repairs
Install of cabinetry, fixing lights, building flat packs & more.
Playground Build
From upgrading astroturf installing softfalls, bark and sand pits to building forts, slide mounds, tunnels, water features & more
Gardening & Landscaping

From planting and general gardening maintenance to a complete renovation of your commercial facility


Fixing leaks, water temperature control & more

Floor Restoration
Install, Upgrade, Maintain your floors from Marble, timbre, vinyl, strip & seal's and more
Interior Fit outs

Office, factory, Kitchen, toilet refurbishment and installations