You have arrived into the office after a weekend and you find the place flooded? What’s the first thing you should do?

1 Safety first! Shut off any power and water sources

You do not want to be electrocuted so check that there are no live electricity currents going through the water. Typically, you will find the water is low enough that it hasn’t reached power points but, in the event that it has- REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST! Cut off water and if necessary, power sources in the area (if its coming from the roof, switch the lights off, if there is a cable on with power or a power socket on – switch off the power at the main circuit). Then contact your insurance company, if you have one.

2 Find the source of the leak

If it’s safe you can then look at the possibilities of the source of the leak and call your local plumber! Even if you can’t source the leak, professional plumbers can. This will also predetermine what your next step will need to be and how much of a hazard the situation is for everyone in the building office or room.

3 Clean up – Remove as much excess water as you can

While you are waiting for a commercial plumber, you want to get the excess water out as quick as possible! So, grab the mops, towels or even an outdoor broom to sweep the water outside. Soak up as much as possible to avoid damage to the subfloor boards, the vinyl may also be salvageable if you can get the excess water out as soon as possible.

4 Air out the room, dry out the floor

If you can, and weather permits. You want to air out the room as soon as possible to avoid mould and the musky smell that happens when moisture is absorbed into materials. In most cases in this scenario your insurance company will advise you on a contact person or contact someone on your behalf. If not, hire a commercial dryer or dehumidifier to dry out the room and remove as much moisture as possible, for as long as possible. The biggest problem with flooding is the damage it can have to the subfloor and subsequently future mould issues.

Some of the issues with vinyl flooring absorbing that much liquid will be

  • Cupping of vinyl – this is where the edges curl up
  • Warping – this when the floor boards lift
  • Buckling – when the planks lift up

5 Document any damage and any costs

For insurance purposes, regardless of the situation keep track of the costs and photograph the damage.

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