The most common leaks in a commercial building and household are

  1. Roof Leaks
  2. Plumbing leaks
  3. Plumbing Fixture leaks
  4. Commercial basement leaks

How to spot a leak:

  1. Stain on roof or wall- almost a rusty colour is a great indication something is happening through the wall. Generally, these are gnarly to detect as they are often from leaking pipes or roofs
  2. Puddles- this may be obvious but trying to find the flow of where this is coming from will no doubt lead to the source of the problem
  3. Incessant dripping – this could mean the tap fixture seals aren’t working, the facilities roof may have a leak, or one of your pipes could be clogged causing a back-up of water

How to test for leaks in your building

  1. Turn off all taps and water using devices in your property.
  2. Locate your water meter and write down your water meter number from left to right. They should be the same or similar to the reading on your account. You can usually locate your water meter in the front of your property (QLD)
  1. Wait 15 minutes and record your number after
  2. If it’s exceptionally high, you may have a leak and should contact a plumber as soon as possible


How to repair a leak?

Plumbing work should be undertaken by a plumber or professional tradesperson working under a licensed plumber. Once they have solved leak, run the 15minute test again to be sure.  


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