All of us know and understand the meaning of the word ‘danger’. But the perspective and meaning changes according to the situation. While a busy road, an open electric cable and a fire are dangers we are all well aware off, there are certain types of dangers that we may not even know! For example, a leaky roof can pose so many threats and dangers that unfortunately most people are ignorant and unaware of. A roof above the head is considered a basic necessity, but what if this roof is the main threat to your space and safety? Even the smallest of roof leak invites immense danger into any space.  Here are examples of dangers to keep an eye out for;

4 Major Dangers Posed By Leaky Roofs:

  1. Ceiling Damage

A leaky roof is sure to damage the entire ceiling. The interiors of the celling will be damaged, the ceiling wall, paint, nearby walls and even lights and fitments will soon be damaged and affected. The plaster may start expanding or develop bubbles, the paint may start chipping off and the affected area will start to darken in colour. Even a tiny roof leak can create complete damage to the ceiling.

  1. Mold

Mold and Mildew are dangerous to the building structure as well as to health. A leaky roof will soon lead to mold that spreads to the entire environment. From the HVAC system it can creep into the furniture and furnishings and even to one’s clothes. This can lead to a highly toxic environment and pose serious health problems.

  1. Fire Hazards

Fire hazards from water damage as a result of leaky roofs is another serious danger. A leaky roof may start damaging the ceiling and soon reach the electrical points. This is a very serious danger that can lead to unwanted and serious hazards.

  1. Compromised Structural Integrity

The entire structure and foundation of a building is weakened by a roof leak. From walls to wooden, roof frame to fascia boards – everything will lose its capacity to withstand such damage and deterioration.

Any kind of business, especially child care centres, aged care facilities and even commercial spaces need to take complete responsibility for the upkeep of the environment within a space. This is important for not just maintaining the structure but also protecting the health of everyone involved. Always, bank on professional repairs and regular maintenance to keep these dangers away.

If you are concerned about a potential roof leak or damage after the recent heavy rain call Mathiou Services on 1300 363 423.

Be Safe; Be Proactive!