Low cost, quick changes that will have a positive impact on your facility

At a time where there are so many changes externally, bring a smile to your families by making some low cost, minor changes internally, so you can send not only positive and visual reassurance to your current families but win over some new families too. Here are a few quick and easy changes you can make at your centre that could help make a positive impact:

Start with your entrance or the key areas parents walk through – this will give you maximum wow factor the minute they walk in, or if you have room to improve your front garden entrance then that would be better.

From there work your way to the key parts of your facility that people see, the smallest things are noticeable.

Here are a few low cost external changes:

Fresh Mulch in front area

This could be the little parts you have in the front yard or the strip at the front, like the centre below.

Or it could be dried soil that need some TLC, what ever the case, new mulch can make the difference.

New mulch entrance makeover - before photoAfter new mulch entrance
front entry beforeFront area makeover
front entry before overgrown gardensfront entry makeover

Bring life back to your artificial turf

Bring life back to your artificial turf by giving it a high pressure clean. Stronger than your average home high pressure cleaners or hose this will clean any mud, debris, mildew, bacteria or mould. Once your done use an electric broom to bring the pile back up so it springs in the direction it should go.

Gardening maintenance high pressure water clean
Synthetic turf Maintenance Power broom

Repaint poles in your play area to make them come alive

Whether its metal or wooden poles you can repaint them. This will require a bit of sanding but its worth the effort as the subtle change can make a big difference to the yard. See the example below:

Footprints after poles paintedFootprints playground upgrade
Sunny toddlers playground beforeSunnybank toddlers playground

Timber restain

One of my most favourite things about timber is that the weir and tier over time can vanish with a bit of timber staining.

Before staining timberTimber Staining
Timber StainingTimber Staining
Before Timber stainingAfter Timber staining Photo
Timber Stain Sandpit
Stained sea saw before and after
Stained deck - before and after

Yard clean up

Remove your waste by getting rid of all the old and unusable with a yard clean

Stretton Playground Scope

Sandpit top up

If your sandpit is looking a little low, or a little dirty get it topped up it’s a low-cost easy way to make your back yard look fresh again

Cubby Care Sandpit Top up- before photoCubby Care Sandpit Top up -after photo
sandpit top up
Loganholme sandpit topup -Before photoLoganholme sandpit topup -after photo

Bark pit top-up

Bark always finds a new home (outside the pit), it also over time gets a little dull and looks a little dirty, with a little top up you can give the illusion that you have done more then you have.

Bolton Clarke bark top up - before photoBolton Clarke - bark top up- after
bark top up and astro- landscaping
bark top up -Beforebark topup -after
bark top up -before photobark topup - after photo

Painting your foyer

Whether it was 1 year or 10 years ago a paint touch-up on a wall or two in the key focus area of your facility like your foyer can make a lasting impression and emphasise the pride and cleanliness you and your team have on your facility

Foyer Painting
Interior Paint

Strip and Seal your main entry area

Strip and seals are a great start to make your vinyl/hard floors look shiny and new again. Like the name suggests it strips the top seal of your flooring and then using the polisher, it reseals it. If you have ever walked into a room with sticky floors, or old looking, scuffed up floors, a strip and seal could be the solution to their problem. If doing your whole facility is not possible start with the places your families and future families will visit first, like the foyer an hallways.

Childcare Centre Before Vinyl Flooring and Strip & SealChildcare Centre After Vinyl Flooring and Strip & Seal
Childcare Centre Before Vinyl Flooring and Strip & SealChildcare Centre Vinyl Flooring

Change your rugs/ mats

Not expensive but an achievable change that will have a instant wow factor from those who frequent your facilities regularly compared to others who don’t.
If you cant change your rugs, have them steam cleaned its another easy & low cost fix that will not just have a visual impact but it gives the impression of great hygiene practice.

Carpet before and after steam cleanCarpet after steam clean
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