Over the years of providing maintenance services for the Childcare industry, we have come across many common issues that can pop up on a daily basis, the most common being blocked toilets. This is an issue that can cause major headaches for childcare centres, and often can be avoided.  Here are the most common things that our plumbing team find blocking up the toilets;

Baby Wipes

As childcare centres you need tons of baby wipes every day, but disposing of them in toilets after use is not the best thing to do. These baby wipes sometimes get stuck in the u-bend of the toilet and over a certain period of time blocking it. A blocked toilet can increase your troubles ten folds. So instead of flushing the baby wipes down the toilet simply dispose of them in an appropriate bin.

Baby Nappies

Nappies are another common reason, for blocked toilets, which we have found in our experience. This is why you should make sure that your childcare centre has an appropriate nappy bin, which is one of the best ways to get rid of those nappies.

Children Toys

Children will always be children, it’s a childcare centre and sometimes in their moment of innocence, they just happen to leave their toys where it doesn’t belong. And sometimes it’s a toilet, so if the toy is big enough; it can block your toilets.

Children’s Underwear

We don’t understand how could it happen, but the truth is we have also found children’s underwear blocking the drain. So if you are running a childcare centre, keep an eye out for those undies, as they might create a whole lot of unwanted trouble.

Female Sanitary Products

On occasions we do find female sanitary products blocking up toilets at childcare centres. These products are not designed to be flushed and can easily block up toilets, and it is important that the products be disposed into a suitable sanitary products bin to prevent blockages.

If you do ever have an issue with your plumbing, whether it maybe a blocked pipe or in need of general maintenance, contact Mathiou Services for all your plumbing and maintenance needs.