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Project Description

Townsville Childcare Outdoor Renovation

Breathing life back into an abandoned yard.

Project Details

Location: Townsville, QLD

Size: Approx. 700m²

Timeframe: 6 weeks


This transformation was a result of devastating floods which left this cute play yard deserted of the echo of children. We were contracted to breathe life back into the yard with a complete upgrade which included:

  • Clear existing yard

  • Remove existing concrete

  • Remove and replace fencing

  • Relay new concrete and pathways

  • Remove existing shade sails

  • Lay new artificial turf

  • Install new garden beds

  • Install new shade sails

  • Install garden

  • Install new sandstone sandpits

Before and After Photos

Hyde Park - Outdoor Renovation-BeforeHyde Park - Outdoor Renovation-After
Hyde Park - Outdoor Renovation-Sandpit beforeHyde Park - Outdoor Renovation-Sandpit After
Hyde Park - Outdoor Renovation-Deck- beforeHyde Park - Outdoor Renovation-Deck- after
Hyde Park - Outdoor Renovation - shed

Townsville Playground Upgrade Gallery

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