We all know that a building facility takes a lot of time and energy to maintain and when uncared for can quickly head towards the larger costly problems that we try to avoid.

For example, if an aircon’s filter isn’t replaced regularly, it builds up a lot of dirt clogging the filter which reduces the airflow and forces the air conditioner to overwork the engine all while not being as productive as it could be.  Or if a piece of AstroTurf is popping up and is not glued down immediately it not only becomes a trip hazard but the more tripping and scuffing to that corner could lead to a bigger, costlier problem.

So, we thought we would help you out by providing a “print ready” scheduled maintenance calendar which has highlighted all the reoccurring maintenance services you may require for the year.


Or if you know your past scheduled dates and how often you have this service, download this great tool so you can create your calendar as a visual trigger. Its a 3 step process:



1. Download the calendar


2. Input your last service dates and the frequency ( Note we have input the industry-standard timeframes as a default)


3. Click tab 2 and your dates will be pre-populated into a print-ready calendar with all your recurring service dates for the year.



If you need any help with future general or gardening maintenance work we offer a full end-to-end service click here to see more or phone 1300 363 423.