5 Cost Saving Maintenance hacks you can do

Have you or someone you know ever got to a point where you are having to pay exorbitant amounts to repair something that with maintenance would have reduced the time, costs and headache to fix it? See our maintenance hacks. Over the years we have discovered that the less maintenance a centre has regularly the… Read More »

About Mathiou Services – Explainer Video Revealed

How much do you know about our Services? Mathiou Services is a family owned business. As a business that prides itself as being a ‘one stop shop” for all building and maintenance needs, Mathiou Services wanted to explain that we do more than just painting, or just gardening or just maintenance. We also do carpentry,… Read More »

Commercial Pest Control

Taking Care Of Pest Problems In Your Centre

Have you been having a number of problems dealing with pests that cannot seem to leave your centre or your commercial property? We understand that they can be a nuisance and very embarrassing to have them running around the place. Fortunately, Mathiou Services have the solution. We have a number of tips that will take… Read More »

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Detecting A Natural Gas Leakage

There is nothing as serious as a gas leak in any premises whether in a childcare centre or another commercial building. It can have some adverse effects on your health as well as cause a significant amount of damage under different circumstances. It is vital that you are able to carry out maintenance so as… Read More »

Commercial Maintenance

11 Tips for Choosing a Great Tradesman

It’s not that easy finding a tradesman that is reliable and completes the job to your expectations so we’ve put 11 tips for choosing a great tradesman together for you. Having most common trades under one company at Mathiou Services (carpentry and building, maintenance and repairs, plumbing, floor restoration, commercial cleaning, gardening and landscaping, painting… Read More »