19 09, 2019

Why Playground Maintenance Is Important


5 reasons to have regular playground maintenance 1. Manage risk: Safety is paramount in any play area where vulnerable children are running around. While children learn the cause and reaction affect from 3 months, their [...]

Why Playground Maintenance Is Important2022-05-07T13:34:00+10:00
30 08, 2019

Stretton Playground Upgrade Experience


 10 Questions with Prue Turnbull– Stretton ELC Playground Upgrade 1. Tell us a little about you? How did you become an owner? How many childcares do you have? What prompted you to upgrade your playcentre [...]

Stretton Playground Upgrade Experience2022-05-07T16:16:31+10:00
23 08, 2018

Loganholme Playground and Bathroom Upgrade


Internal and External Upgrade How simple upgrades can make a huge impact to your centre Location: Loganholme, QLD, AUS Size: Approx 200 m² Timeframe: 2 weeks We recently were given the opportunity to upgrade this Loganholme centre's playground and bathrooms. [...]

Loganholme Playground and Bathroom Upgrade2019-11-07T16:00:42+10:00
24 01, 2018

New Year New Fort For Highfields Childcare Centre


It has already been a busy start to the new year for Mathiou Services, we have been working closely with the Highfields Childcare Centre to assist them with the transformation of their brand new outside play area. Before the [...]

New Year New Fort For Highfields Childcare Centre2019-10-01T17:31:03+10:00
11 01, 2018

Why Regular Playground Maintenance Is Something You Should Look At


Start your year off right by scheduled playground maintenance. Why? A playground should be a safe and fun place for children to enjoy their time outside, but what happens when the sand gets gritty and uncomfortable to play with, [...]

Why Regular Playground Maintenance Is Something You Should Look At2022-05-09T12:46:55+10:00
3 08, 2017

Enrolments Increase as Aussie Kindies Early Learning Tugun Gets A New Look


The Aussie Kindies Early Learning Tugun centre offers a new world of fun for children to explore every day, and its mission is to provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment. Working alongside the team at Aussie Kindies Early Learning [...]

Enrolments Increase as Aussie Kindies Early Learning Tugun Gets A New Look2020-01-21T16:21:36+10:00
6 10, 2016

Perth Childcare Centre Playground Upgrade


Here’s a Perth childcare centre playground upgrade completed by the Mathiou Services WA Team. A big improvement on the old playground both aesthetically and functionality wise utilising the area with a nice combination of open natural grass and astro-turf areas, [...]

Perth Childcare Centre Playground Upgrade2019-04-30T07:38:11+10:00
23 09, 2016

Gold Coast Childcare Centre Playground Upgrade


Another childcare centre playground upgrade on the Gold Coast completed on time and on budget. Great feedback from the parents and carers and the kids are loving it. They even gave us a hand planting the new herb garden and [...]

Gold Coast Childcare Centre Playground Upgrade2020-01-21T16:19:07+10:00
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