Ever since the first light bulb was switched on, electricity has played a prominent role in our lives, however with the positives come the negatives, and it is important to understand how to avoid any harms. Here are five rules for electric safety for your business;

Avoid plugging too many electrical appliances into one outlet or an extension cord:

You may have a need for a number of electrical appliances and you have to use them all at once. However, you will have to sacrifice some for the benefit of others. At no given time should you overload your extension cord especially in a childcare Centre. Their safety should be upheld and we know that electricity is not something you would want to mess around with. An overload can have adverse effects on the electrical system of the Centre or equally cause a fire.

Neatly tuck away all electrical cords:

It is important that all the electrical cords are tucked away neatly and kept out of site and especially for children. At a childcare center, having these cords lying around may look like a play toy, you will never know what will happen with children. Other than this, pests may devour the cords rendering them useless or someone could trip over because of them.

Electric outlets that are not in use should have safety caps:

This is very wise and will maximize the safety levels of a childcare Centre. The safety caps will prevent anything being plugged in the outlets that may cause harm to anyone.

Keep electrical appliances away from any water:

It is basic knowledge that water and electricity do not mix and if they do, nobody will like it. Electrical appliances will be damaged and end up being useless. Accidents will also be prevented when electric items are kept far away from any source of water. Water is a conductor and when mixed when in contact with electricity, electrocution can even occur.

Avoid jerking electrical cords from the wall or extension:

Pulling the cord suddenly and in a forceful way without any care can have adverse effects on the appliance, the plug or even the outlet. Therefore, for safety purposes and avoiding damages, be careful when removing the cord from the wall; be gentle.

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