Have you thought about using chalkboard paint but are unsure about where and how you can use it? Here are some ideas and tips on where to use it and how to apply it.

About chalkboard paint and some ideas on what you can use it on

Using chalk has always been a fun pastime for every child generation dating back to when it was first introduced in schools in the 1800s. Chalkboards only came into the picture in 1814, Chalkboard paint came through in the early 2000s.

The application of the paint is easy but somewhat lengthy and can be a costly process depending on the size and area you are applying it to. Because it is lengthy and costly, we suggest you look at all blackboard application processes before you go buying the paint.

You can get chalkboard 2m adhesive for AU$15-16 but even this has prep-time.  With paint, you can apply it any and everywhere…AND it doesn’t have to be black or green, chalkboard paints come in all sorts of colours plus the chalks are now pens as well for easy handling.

Chalkboard Ideas for offices

Using chalkboards are a fun way to create a notice board, monthly calendar, promoting the companies sparking ideas and innovation in a new way. Gym’s use it to communicate what’s happening weekly, how challenges are tracking and to add inspiring messages. Why would you not want something similar in your lunchroom or as a mind map for your team?

If you are a café, this is an easy way to create a kid’s corner or add special menus.

It’s all a little fun and just adds something less formal, more interactive and reduces printing paper.

Chalkboard ideas for schools or childcare centres

You can use this as an easy way to mark chair placements. Or if you have kids who, are prone to drawing on desks, why not give them a platform to do it that you can easily have wiped off.

Other ideas are school bag shelves – save the printing of name labels with chalked labels.

Use it on doors or walls for writing lessons, imagination play, story-telling or a rewards corner. You could change the narrative every week based on lessons.

For childcare and schools, its less resource time and more time to focus on your lesson plans.

There are many chalk board paints like Dulux, Taubman’s, Kadink  which is not to be confused with chalk paint, chalk paint has the a chalky colour and is not necessary a chalkboard. You can do a DIY Chalk paint by adding un-sanded Grout to Acrylic paint – see here.

Five tips when applying chalkboard paints to your surfaces

  1. Sand down your surface, or make sure the surface is smooth before using
  2. Use a primer before chalkboard paint -To make it magnetic you can use a magnetic primer instead of a standard primer so your chalkboard can hold a magnetic duster or pen or even clips.
  3. Use at least 2 coats of paint – Hint: The more coats of chalkboard paint you use the smoother the surface
  4. Allow at least 3-5 days to dry, Dulux recommends 5 days for curing but a minimum of 3 days is fine
  5. Slate the surface before use- Make sure you rub chalk lightly along the board after the paint has dried, this is called slating the surface and will prevent ghosting or marks left behind.

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