1. Appearances – 

Regular gardening maintenance keep your facility looking fresh all year around. Image is often a direct correlation of the number of sales conversions a company gets, especially in a service providing company like childcare, aged care or a café/restaurant. Regular gardening shows just how much you care about the environment your client’s visit.

Whether it’s the front entrance, back yard or sides anything you can physically see has a direct representation on its owner. Studies show that people correlate the state of your exterior including your gardens with the care you give your clients so it’s important to put an emphasis on your gardens just as much as the interior.

2. Safety-

Regular gardening maintenance ensures all your ground weed climbers aren’t creating a walking hazard. And your overgrown tree branches aren’t poking an eye out or snagging clothing and cause tumbles in your yard. Regular gardening will make sure that your play area is safe for any young or old feet.

3. Get to all the tasks –

Regular gardening maintenance is all about splitting the work up over regular intervals so that the team can prioritise the centre’s needs over their wants and get to all the jobs that are required in a timely manner. While mowing a lawn and weeding the gardens is a standard maintenance need. Some of those one-off tasks that need to be done once a month or bimonthly or annually get a lot less daunting when the work is scheduled in.

4. Cost Savings –

A regular service reduces wear and tear on your property, saving you money in replacement costs and prolonging the life of the landscaping at your centre. Not to mention that because it is regular you can forecast these costs into your annual budget giving you a head start on balancing your cost analysis for the year.

5. Time Savings –

Our team of professionals get things done a lot quicker and more efficiently than doing it yourself. Saving you hours on having an inexperienced person doing it and ensuring your staff’s time is solely focussed on the tasks they need to do in order to get the work done.

To find out what kind of scheduled gardening program would work for your centre, contact us on 1300 363 423 and take advantage of our gardening offer today.

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