Are you looking for ways to upgrade your facility at a low cost? Thought of using a little paint to make that transformation?

Here are a few ideas of some low-cost paint touch-ups you can have done.

Start with those parts that look damaged

A lot of paint touch-ups can be done in parts, take a look at the most noticeable walls and doors that people can view and have them either refilled (where necessary), or sanded back and repainted in a like for like colour. Places like your doors, window sills, door frames, or that feature wall that you dread looking at because it has so many holes, cracks or flaky paint.

  • paintouch up damaged walls
  • paint Touch up on scuffs
  • Interior repair and paint

Repaint your interior one wall at a time

If you’re wanting to make a statement, try updating your foyer or reception area walls, one at a time if cost is an issue. Another low-cost change with a big impact is painting your door a fresh bold colour that ties in with your brand. Hint: fresh bold could be white or beige if it’s a colour that will stand out or is not common in your facility. Though if you are painting your doors, you may want to compare the price of painting with just getting a new door installed – the cost might surprise you.

  • Interior foyer repaint - before and after photos
  • bathroom paint touch up before and after
  • East Brisbane room before and after
  • East Brisbane Deck before and after

Get your outdoors looking new again

Fun Fact – your shade sail poles can be sanded back and painted- and it cost less than having them powder coated.

Low cost paint touch ups with big impact-shade sail poles

Re-stain your timber

Your timber will always fade, so re-staining will help renew of your assets. It’s a lot cheaper to have a team staining then it is to get new products. Things most common for re-staining are:

Stepping stones, garden beds, sandpit edging, decking, and even timber fences come up looking new.

  • door touch up before and after
  • Timber walkway restaining
  • Fort timber stain
  • timber stain before and after
  • timber restain before and after
  • timber restain before and after
  • Garden Bed restained
  • timber restain
  • Painting before and after - re-staining timber
  • Wooden Platform Painting/Staining touch ups
  • Painting and Staining touch-ups

Repaint your old furniture or playground equipment

We have seen old playground boats look brand new, 15-year-old rockers become timeless, old forts look modern. There are so many options to look for. Here a are a few examples:

  • boat paint touch up
  • Low cost paint touch ups with big impact
  • Low cost paint touch ups with big impact
  • before and after- Repainting cubbyhouse

Painting Brick walls or building facades

If you have a multi-coloured brick wall or a lot of scrapes and scratches on a feature/ prominent brick wall. Have it re-primed and painted to give you a fresh look.

Likewise, you can even have your building façade repainted – though this is a lot more expensive. But you can break it down into stages and focus on the main areas people see first, the ROI will be a lot more than the cost of not doing this as 33% often choose a business based on perceived face value.

  • handball court- after photo
  • handball court- before photo
  • handball court upgrade
  • 78742 -Big impact External Wall Painting
  • Big impact-External Wall Painting
  • Low cost paint touch ups with big impact- 94092B - paint fence
  • Low cost paint touch ups with big impact-94092A - paint fence
  • Painting before and after - fence
  • Painting before and after - Facade

Re-Painting your carpark lines

This is the FIRST area visitors see so if you have faded lines or your parking situation is complex. Tough up the paint…

  • Carpark paint touch up
  • before and after -Repainting carpark

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