Are you finding pests flying or running around your property? Are you finding droppings in or around your property? Perhaps you are hearing something between the walls or in the roof. These are all warning signs.

Warning signs of a pest problem

1. Live visual of pest

The easiest most obvious way to know if you have pests is if you see them. See one, you may find more closer by.

Another common find is the babies, especially spiders and mice they will be hiding behind a roll of carpet, in objects that are dark and away from the site but where there is a site of baby pests you will find a nest, or a mama pest lurking around, and your property has become its new forever home.

We find prevention is key and regular pest control is a MUST for deterring pests like ants, flies, spiders, termites, cockroaches and even cockroaches.

2. Dead bugs or rodents.

If you find dead casings/ shells of insects or dead rodents, then you may find live ones close by. These are usually around window sills and in corners of rooms. This is another indication of having a pest or rodent problem. Take into account where they are, look for gaps that they may have possibly come from if you can cover those gaps go for it. If you can’t cover it, or it’s not in a common spot look at booking in your pest control specialist for a solution. Make sure they complete a report after assessing the situation they may highlight an issue that you may not be aware of.

3. Bad odours

Have you noticed odd smells lingering? One of the many signs you have pests is odd odours coming from a distinct area. Sometimes it’s from droppings, rotten food that has been hidden in your property somewhere, other times it’s from dead carcases that have decayed over time. Either way, investigating where the odour is coming from is important. Even if it’s to eliminate the possibility of a pest problem.

4. Gaps, holes or damage to property

Damage to your property through gaps, tiny holes, or even damage to wires is an indication that you have a pest problem. Rats, Mice, termites, and even moths all have fun nibbling at your property to create a home for themselves and to feed on. So, if you find random holes smalls or large that wasn’t put there by anyone perhaps it’s best to get it inspected for any random creatures or unwanted tenants.

5. Tiny tracks & marks

Rats and mice love to run in packs and often you will find tiny grease marks along your floor. Follow the direction of the grease tracks from one end to the other to see where they are going or coming from.

6. Odd sounds around your property

If you hear little tapping, scratching, or odd noises coming from your roof or between the walls this can also be a sign of infestation. Specifically, if it’s constant noise from one spot/ area of your property. Either investigate yourself or have a specialist investigate for you.

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