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Ants are often considered to be quite an annoyance rather than a real threat. However, in case you didn’t know, Australia is home to over 1,300 various species of ants, and some of them are lethal.

Bull ants, for example, are common across the country, and they are known to be highly aggressive with painful bites that can cause a nasty allergy. It’s critical that you consult the ant pest control experts to protect the people in your building from further harm.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, especially in the accommodation industry, are such a business destroyer – once they get inside your commercial property, they can do significant damage despite their size.

It’s important to contact commercial pest control services as quickly as possible, as you don’t want your customers waking up with itchy welts and blood on their sheets. Bed bugs love to dwell not only in bedrooms but also in course sheets, carpets, skirting boards, and wardrobes.

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Cockroaches are most common in commercial buildings, especially in damp places. They are one of the super-spreaders of diseases simply by coming in contact with our food.

Some of the most common illnesses cockroaches transmit are dysentery, gastro-enteritis, and salmonella. Worse, their droppings or waste are known to aggravate asthma and eczema in children. So, make sure to get the best cockroach treatment for your property from cockroach pest control specialists as soon as possible.

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Despite their diminutive size, fleas are a total peril in a business property, especially in the pet industry – they attach themselves to beloved pets and even to humans who are near animals infected with fleas. The worst part is that they can thrive inside and outside your building.

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Flies are undoubtedly the most annoying pests in the country and probably worldwide- they buzz around people, pets, and properties. This being said, having flies around your commercial building is detrimental to the reputation of your business.

Never forget that flies also pose a serious threat by transmitting and spreading diseases such as E. coli bacteria and salmonella. The worst thing is that female flies can lay an average of more than 150 eggs per day, and some fly species turn from an egg to an adult in just seven days!

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Irritating bites and high-pitched drones are undoubtedly some of the most annoying qualities of mosquitos – they feed on your blood most of the time, especially during the morning and at dusk.

These pests also love humid weather, and they breed in several water sources – depending on the species, their eggs can grow into adults in just four days.

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Rodents, such as mice and rats, are known to bring and spread diseases like other pests – they also cause damages in buildings and fouling up places wherever they settle. Rodents can be a threat to both animals and humans, especially children or those who have a weak immune system.

Mice and rats commonly carry illnesses, such as infectious jaundice, typhoid fever, and meningitis, to name a few. So, it is critical to consult rat pest control experts if you suspect that rodents live in your commercial building.

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Silverfish Bugs

Silverfish bugs are known to survive in tough environments – no wonder they have existed for millions of years. They can destroy a wide variety of important items, such as documents, books, clothing and accessories, photographs, and expensive artwork.

Other people can also become allergic to cast skins and faeces of silverfish bugs, triggering health conditions, such as asthma and eczema.

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There are over 2,000 species of spiders across the country, and this includes some of the most dangerous spiders around the world – their bite can range from being extremely painful yet non-life-threatening to being highly fatal, especially if it is left untreated.

Spiders love to dwell in commonly dark, damp, and hidden places, such as air vents, bookcases, overhangs, wardrobes, and eaves. So, if you suspect that your place of business harbours dangerous arachnids, make sure to consult experienced spider pest control specialists.

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Termites are well known as the most expensive pest across the country and probably all over the world. In Australia alone, termites destroy homes and commercial buildings, costing an average of $700 million worth of damages per year!

Avoid spending such a painful amount of money on something that should have been prevented in the first place – consult termite pest control experts for your commercial building inspection, even though you don’t see any signs of termites yet. Prevention is better than cure, they say. Call us now to get instant termite and pest control services.

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Wasps are known for their terribly painful stings, and they usually build their nests in eaves or under verandas where your guests most likely stay.

Most wasps also infest roofs and walls, bringing even more damage to your commercial building and danger to people inside and even outside your property. On average, a wasp nest can be 20,000 strong.


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