Have you ever wondered what a stage really does?

Technically it’s a pile of nails, a stack of wood measured to fit and combined to create a platform or flooring positioned in a large space. It may have some shade; it may have some rails; it may be stained, painted or left raw.

Regardless, what makes it more than it’s materials is what it does for the kids.

A stage can build confidence, bring joy to kids, parents and teachers; encourage voice projection; encourage drama play; teach a child to public speak or perform. It’s so much more than a platform.

Over the years we have built all sorts of stages from 50mm platforms, decking with steps, decking on an elevated platform, decking with mixed materials & more.

Check them out here:

50mm platform

Mermaid Waters Childcare Centre Makeover decking

More decking for stages

How to maintain your timber deck

We work with timber on a daily basis and natural elements always impact the longevity of the material whether it expands or sun damaged. The saying “the best defence is an offence” so here are 5 tips on how you can maintain your timber deck:

  1. Hose off your timber deck with a brush to keep clean
  2. Keep an eye out for any nails that may move with constant use and have them either replaced or nailed back in
  3. Keep an eye out for any timber splinting over time and have it sanded
  4. Keep an eye out for loose planks – even a well built deck will experience damage either from movement of overuse usually 7-10+ years after building but you ever know when someone will drop a hard object on your deck and weakens the structure
  5. The #1 protector for timber decks is re-staining it – see here for all the benefits
Check out some of our work here