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Mathiou Services is your one-stop-shop for all commercial flooring & building maintenance needs, from commercial vinyl to wood, stone and carpet tiles.

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We specialise in commercial floor installation, maintenance, and restoration, including re-sealing, tiling, scratch removal, grouting, carpet cleaning, floor care, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl and more. Every floor takes a lot of wear and tear throughout its lifespan, making it dull and worn out, so it needs to be properly looked after, from the most resilient stone to commercial vinyl

The good news? Our experienced commercial flooring technicians are available and committed to providing you with all flooring services, completed to the highest standard. Whether you have commercial vinyl or marble, we have experts on hand to assist.

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Floor restoration
Experts in Commercial Flooring2021-12-21T01:35:13+10:00

We understand that high volumes of foot traffic and the constant moving of tables and chairs will visibly wear out your flooring. From commercial vinyl flooring to the highest quality wooden floors, damage over time is simply inevitable. This is why we offer top quality repairs and suggestions for maintenance to prevent further damage in the future, as well as removing or replacing your floor if necessary. As experts in treatment of all commercial vinyl, carpets, tiles and other materials, meet the experts in flooring commercial services.

The Mathiou Services team is qualified in floor restoration, including floor sanding and polishing, and both buffing and cleaning. Our team of professional floor cleaners will visit your site and consult, and then create a custom plan to suit your needs. Whether you have vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl, wood or carpet, we have a solution for you. That said, the treatment of marble floors differs greatly from commercial vinyl, so let us assist you and advise on the best way to prolong the lifespan of your floor.

As most businesses require their facilities during the day, our team is flexible and can provide an after-hours service to help complete your flooring project with little to no interruption to the operation of your business.

Working with us means that the job will be completed quickly, efficiently and at a great rate. Mathiou Services is your go-to destination for flooring commercial contracts.

Floor Cleaning2021-12-21T01:38:16+10:00

Cleaning commercial vinyl flooring, luxury floor materials, or vinyl flooring or any kind, is a specialised service which adds years to your existing floor and helps restore your premises to a like-new state. This way, when customers and staff enter the building, they’re immediately met with clean and impressive flooring in a professional environment. Whether you use vinyl flooring, wood, carpet or tiles, professional cleaning will bring your entire building back to life, and make your commercial vinyl look good as new.

We strongly advise you do not attempt this yourself, even with forgiving vinyl flooring. If you clean too lightly, you will not thoroughly clean the floor. Clean too much or with the wrong chemicals, and it could seriously damage your vinyl flooring, carpet or underlay. In a leased building, damaging the commercial vinyl could incur a penalty, so it simply isn’t worth it. Even your most common commercial vinyl flooring deserves a high quality, routine clean. Always seek professional advice.

Grinding, Sanding and Polishing2021-12-21T01:40:35+10:00

We offer grinding services, which is a process where a hard floor surface is thoroughly sanded to remove large stocks of stone, and then polished. This process is recommended when your floor is made of stone tiles and then becomes uneven.

Restoration, Stain Removal and Sealing2021-12-21T01:41:43+10:00

Marble stains are caused by acid content in spillage reacting with the calcium in stone. Acidic substances like wine, fruit juice, vinegar or harsh cleaning chemicals do not work for natural cleaning. They can make the stone rough and remove the shine.

Even on scuffed commercial vinyl surfaces, we can remove most scratches and stains by honing and polishing, which is a careful and meticulous process. We then use an impregnator to seal the floor.

Hard-to-remove stains can also be eliminated from vinyl flooring to restore your floor to its former glory, especially if you have special luxury vinyl. We apply the same expert care and attention from the most premium wood or tiles, to commercial vinyl flooring.

Fixing & Replacement2021-12-21T01:43:04+10:00

Do you know the difference between luxury vinyl and commercial vinyl? You may need to if a replacement panel is due, or maybe no one needs to know. Regardless of the level of damage, we source, fix and replace flooring panels or areas to match your existing floor, even hard-to-replace vinyl flooring. We often find that commercial vinyl may have occupied the building long before current tenants arrived, and still, as flooring experts we’ve seen every kind imaginable. Therefore it’s never too late to refresh and rejuvenate your space with brand new, immaculate commercial vinyl.

We will always offer the most cost-effective option before completing a bigger floor replacement, which in most cases can be avoided. The rare exception is if you have bespoke flooring, which can be harder to match to an alternative. However, we can almost always match your existing floor design, even if new commercial vinyl needs to be installed.

If your office already has vinyl flooring or carpet installed, it may be better to replace a small section of floor (or vinyl plank) rather than the full surface area. And even the most tired commercial vinyl flooring deserves an inspection, in case it’s time for a replacement. So whether it’s new commercial vinyl or replacing damaged tiles, get in touch for a cost-effective quote.

Beyond the relatively easy process of commercial vinyl or carpet, As a rule, loose marble stones should always be re-laid, as they will eventually crack and cause damage to the surrounding floor.

Timber Flooring2021-12-21T01:45:36+10:00

Timber flooring is a great choice by many, particularly in areas where high quality wood is readily available. Wood floors are economical, wide and stylish, great choices for meeting rooms, halls and auditoriums. However, the main disadvantage over time is the issue of dampness, which can end up raising the floor. When this happens, it’s time for repair or replacement.

We Recommend…

  • Tailored cleaning for any surface, from vinyl flooring, to luxury vinyl, carpets and wood

  • Using sealing and surface coatings to ensure commercial vinyl flooring or any surface is protected from stains and weathering

  • From wood to stone, anti-slip treatment applied to the floor ensures it is no longer slippery

  • We also provide professional carpet cleaning which leaves any carpet and carpet tiles looking good as new

We are the experts in flooring commercial work and offer a wide range of commercial floor cleaning and floor restoration services:

We Work With

Services We Offer

  • Carpet

  • Carpet tiles

  • Tiles

  • Vinyl

  • Timbre

  • Laminate

  • Marble Restoration

  • Scratch Removal

  • Stain Removal

  • Polishing, Grinding, Cleaning & Sealing

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • General Grouting

  • Tile cleaning restoration services (ceramic, vitrified, porcelain, terracotta and marble)

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Floor Restoration & Installation Work

Retirement Unit Renovation - before photoNew garage concrete flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Childcare Centre Before Vinyl Flooring and Strip & SealChildcare Centre After Vinyl Flooring and Strip & Seal

Strip and Seal

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Over 10 years of floor restoration expertise

Timely support and we are always responsive

Latest technologies and flooring material options

Top quality workmanship

Your one-stop-shop for all your building and maintenance needs, including gardening and landscaping, carpentry and repair, pest control, electricity, and plumbing.

Fully qualified and licenced

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We work to your specifications from start to end

Wayne Wanstall

Mathiou Services provides a literal environment "one-stop-shop" capability to building operations managers, the trade skills and operational support capabilities are very diverse, and the labour rates for all skilled and non-skilled works are exceptionally competitive!"

Wayne Wanstall

Carla Langley

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the guys who did our floors last night! They look absolutely amazing and it has been quite some time since they were last done so I was very surprised at how well they come up! Super shiny!

Carla Langley

Galina Owens

I am emailing to inform you of the amazing job your team have completed at First grammar Child Care. They completed the job(gardening) beyond my expectations, the outdoors looks amazing and I am really impressed with their professionalism and how quickly they completed the job. I would highly recommend Mathiou services to any potential customer for all your professional work. Thanks

Galina Owens

Tania Haereroa

Mathiou Services has provided building and maintenance services for Colliers International and their clients for the past 3 years. We have found the team at Mathiou Services to consistently conduct themselves in a professional manner and deliver a high standard of workmanship. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending Mathiou Services.

Tania Haereroa


The services we received from the men that laid the vinyl flooring was fantastic, they communicated every single step of the way, what and when things were going to happen, I could not be any happier.



Employees are always polite and incredibly helpful when they are on site.



Very friendly work men who asked me on what would suit our needs best before setting the design.



We are local! We can complete commercial floor services nationwide! As floor restoration experts, we are ready for your next project- big or small – Talk to a local expert from the nearest location. Or if you would like to set up a national programme contact us here so we can look at working on a programme that fits your companies needs whether its a floor restoration programme or a staged project at one site or multiple. We service nationwide including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle,  Townsville & more. Talk to us today! 

Mathiou Services is a family owned business, offering building, construction, maintenance and commercial cleaning Australia wide. We have worked with over 4800 clients on over 130K jobs with a goal to become the champions of customer service and property maintenance. Contact us today to book a free commercial flooring consultation.

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Our service is friendly, reliable, and professional. No matter how big or small are your
commercial floor restoration needs, rest assured that Mathiou Services has the right solution.

We strive to work by these principles:

  • High quality workmanship
  • Prompt and reliable services
  • Value for money
  • Flexible working hours
  • Seamless communication
  • All solutions at one place

Our professionals are licensed and experienced, and we are dedicated
to finding the best cost-effective solutions for all our clients.


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