Summer calls for being outside, to soak in that sunshine and to enjoy the perks of the warm weather. An exterior deck can be the perfect space for this and what better time to revamp and give a brand-new look to your facilities deck before summer comes around.

Exterior decks are subject to both weather and back and forth foot traffic, which can make the timber fade and lose its luster. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your deck come this summer season.

Here are 3 Benefits of re-staining your timber decks

  1. Accentuate the natural beauty of the wood – Adding new stain on your deck either coloured or clear can really accentuate the natural beauty of the wood and provide a much-needed solution to changing your facilities exterior landscape. Being an exterior feature, wood is subject to all the harsh weather conditions, whether your business is in a warmer or colder climate it’s best to paint or stain wood than leave it bare.
  2. Protects your facility’s wood – Staining protects your facility’s wood from any sun or water damage and preserves the quality and look of the deck. The more colour in the stain the more protection it will hold against UV sunlight as they offer a thicker covering than a near-opaque stain.
  3. Add shine – You’ll be amazed by how much shine is given back once your deck is properly protected for the summer. Mathiou Services offer scheduled maintenance so that your deck can be protected for years to come with no mess or inconvenience.

Whether your deck just needs some new protection and life brought back into it or you want to change the colour completely, Mathiou Services is available for all your deck and maintenance needs.

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