Our highly skilled commercial electricians are able to perform top-notch electrical services such as installing, replacing, and repairing any electrical issues as well as design new lighting layouts perfect for your facility.

Experts in commercial electrical services

We are your “one-stop” shop for all your electrical requirements across Australia, with highly qualified electricians to cater for all tasks, big or small, whether that be a faulty power point or a simple light replacement.

Electrical issues can cause adverse effects on your business, and it is definitely a job that you want to be fixed as soon as possible. Mathiou Services understands the importance of fixing an issue fast, which is why our highly skilled electricians can be sent out to your facility on the day of the emergency electrical service, and remain on site until the issue is controlled as part of our Ad hoc services.

We offer a number of electrical services to ensure your facility is looked after in all areas, with no risk to your business or its employees. We are able to provide electrical repairs and replacement services, as well as to diagnose the issue to prevent further emergencies in the future.

Mathiou Services Electrical Maintenance Worker


Here are the most common commercial electrical services we provide as one of the leading electrical contractors Australia-wide:

  • Emergency Electrical Works

  • Installation

  • Electrical Needs

  • Repairs

  • Fault Diagnosis

  • Replacements

  • Light Testing

  • Air Conditioning Services

  • Test & Tag

  • Commercial Maintenance

  • Commercial Electrical Repairs

  • Maintenance Energy Efficiency

  • Lighting

  • Safety Switch

  • Switch Board Upgrades

  • Power Points

  • Exhaust Fans

  • TV Outlets & Antennas

  • Stove

  • Cook Tops & Ovens

  • Smoke Alarming

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Hot Water Systems


Mathiou Services is your one-stop-shop for all of the needs of your commercial projects. This means that you don’t have to stress about finding individual contractors just to get each job or project done—we have every expert in every building and maintenance area!

Check out all the other services that we offer. Let us know if you need more than just an electrical expert.


FREE electrical services expert advice

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Advanced tools and strategies

Safety-minded, well-trained, and friendly professionals

Your one-stop-shop for all your building and maintenance needs, including gardening and landscaping, carpentry and repair, pest control, electricity, and plumbing.

World-class quality work

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Mathiou Services has upgraded our fencing and the results are amazing. It has enhanced the playground and they have made great choices to complement the areas in the playground for privacy and aesthetics. It has made a huge difference and looks awesome. The whole process has been great from start to finish and really enhances the look of our center.


Wonderful Gardening

Mathiou Services are wonderful gardener, they listen to my feedback and work together on any plans around the garden. They have great time management skills and always leave the place looking neat and tidy.


Lisa Jacob

Your team who attended our Centre was absolutely amazing! They had a positive approach and demonstrated respect for staff, children, routines and traditions at the centre. They worked quickly and consulted me throughout the process to ensure I was happy and if I wanted to make any changes to the layout. The deck and garden look ridiculously good and the feedback from families has been awesome.

Lisa Jacob

Antonette Neri

The job you did as a normal gardening visit on the front garden at Maddington is award winning, we have actually had parents commenting on how clean it is! As soon as I got here this morning I was so happy! So thanks to you and the team for making it a great day!

Antonette Neri

Galina Owens

I am emailing to inform you of the amazing job your team have completed at First grammar Child Care. They completed the job(gardening) beyond my expectations, the outdoors looks amazing and I am really impressed with their professionalism and how quickly they completed the job. I would highly recommend Mathiou services to any potential customer for all your professional work. Thanks

Galina Owens


"Always go the extra mile. He is great at explaining what he is going to do, who is working with him and at the end lets us know what has been done and what we need to do to ensure that the high standard of his work is maintained. Staff are extremely polite and wonderful with the children (they honestly believed that Superman was on our roof - his costume was underneath his uniform of course)."


Samantha Louise

wonderful gardeners, they listen to my feedback and we work together on any plans around the garden. They have great time management skills and always leaves the place looking neat and tidy.

Samantha Louise


We are local! We can do Electrical Servicing projects nationwide! As electrical servicing experts, we are ready for your next project- big or small – Talk to a local expert from the nearest location. Or if you would like to set up a national programme contact us here so we can look at working on a programme that fits your companies needs whether its electrical servicing programme or a staged project at one site or multiple. We service nationwide including BrisbaneCanberraGold CoastMelbourneNewcastleSydneyTownsvilleSunshine Coast, Mackay & Cairns. Talk to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Services

Electrical repairs involve different services, including light fixture installation, changing a broken breaker or socket & electrical system rewiring. An electrical issue is often difficult to diagnose and fix, so it’s best to leave your commercial electrical repair needs in the hands of experts like us.

Like any emergency equipment, your building’s emergency lighting solutions must be tested to ensure they’re in good working order. You can do a quick operation and visual check daily. A monthly test is a good idea to see if they’re functioning at peak levels. Also, you should test the emergency lighting system for at least one hour every six months. Don’t forget to schedule a full & comprehensive test annually.

The airconditioning units in your commercial property should be serviced at least once a year to ensure they’re working optimally. That needs to be done even without noticeable defects.

In any commercial building, all testing & tagging of electrical equipment, including the safety switch, must be carried out by a competent electrician at least once every 12 months.

You can maintain energy efficiency in your commercial property by installing thermostats, taking advantage of natural lighting, adding smart lighting systems, using sustainable materials for construction or renovation, and weatherstripping doors & windows.

Commercial hot water heater systems must be serviced once every 12 months. That way, you can ensure they’re working optimally and resolve minor issues before they turn into costly repairs.

To keep your ceiling fan working optimally, you should have its motor checked and cleaned periodically. Other maintenance tasks include replacing blades & lubricating the fan to keep it from wobbling or squeaking.

Usually done annually, a full emergency lighting test must be performed for at least three hours. That’s because most optimal emergency lighting solutions can last at least three hours. If your system doesn’t last that long, consider having it upgraded or replaced.

If an appliance doesn’t work, try plugging it into another socket to isolate an electrical fault. If that doesn’t work, try it again on a different power circuit (for instance, on another floor). Are you successful this time? That could mean you have a dead circuit where the original socket is connected. The next step is calling a professional electrical repair company to restore the dead circuit.

A routine AC service for commercial properties typically involves air filter cleaning, evaporator coil & condenser cleaning, leakage checkup, drain cleaning and all-round inspection of the unit.

All electrical portable & plug-in appliances within your commercial property and up to 2.5 metres from the ground require regular testing and tagging. These may include laptops, desktop computers & monitors, photocopiers, printers, staff kitchen appliances, extension cords, etc.

A switchboard upgrade typically involves replacing all ceramic fuses with modern, safe circuit breakers & RCDs. The task occurs in a neat enclosure and includes rewiring the cables behind the panel and usually ends with the testing of the entire installation. You may need a switchboard upgrade to cater for higher electrical demand and prevent hazards due to overloading your building’s existing circuits.

Maintaining a commercial hot water system often involves checking the valves for leaks, making sure the water pressure is set at the recommended level, flushing any sediment buildup, inspecting the anode rods and refilling the tank.

Ceiling fans in your commercial properties must be dusted or cleaned weekly. And they should be checked and serviced every six months to ensure their optimal performance & condition.

Smoke detectors must be tested every month to ensure their batteries and alarms work. They should also be cleaned every six months to remove dust or particles that could prevent them from working properly. Don’t forget to replace the battery every year, too.

There are different types of wiring used in commercial buildings. These include metal-clad cable (type MC), armoured cable (type AC), mineral-insulated, metal-sheathed cable (type MI) & underground feeder and branch-circuit cable (type UF). The type of wiring used depends on the building’s needs and location. Different countries have different regulations regarding electrical wiring systems in commercial properties.

The common causes of electrical faults include equipment failures, heavy smoke, human errors, and weather conditions like heavy winds, lightning strikes & ice accumulation on transmission lines.

The common problems with air conditioners include inadequate maintenance (ex: dirty filters & coils and failing fans), refrigerant leaks, drainage issues, thermostat sensor errors & electric control failure. Leave it to the pros to diagnose the issue with your commercial AC units.

You may need to upgrade your building’s switchboard if it’s old and still functions on ceramic fuses. If your switchboard already uses modern circuit breakers, it must be checked at least once in five years and upgraded every 20 years.

In Australia, lighting in the general work areas must be installed to enable workers to carry out their tasks safely. A value of 160 lux is recommended for lighting fixtures in such areas. Office environments require more lighting (a range of 320 to 400 lux) to ensure employees perform their moderately difficult visual tasks safely.

The common types of electrical installation include residential, commercial & vehicular installation. Each electrical work comes with unique requirements. It’s best to hire commercial electricians like Mathiou Services to carry out an electrical installation service on your business property.

Make sure to clean your exhaust fans at least once every six months. That routine maintenance task will also help you catch & resolve minor issues before they become major and costly repairs.


Electricity is one of the most in-demand resources that every business needs, and we believe that it should be running smoothly and efficiently. So, Mathiou Services provides excellent and cost-effective commercial electrical services to all clients, whether residential or commercial.

Becoming one of the top-notch electrical contractors Australia-wide requires high-skilled electricians, so we have vetted our experts accordingly and spread them across the country to perform excellent services—not just in the electrical space, but also in the entire building maintenance and repairs needs and demands of every client.