The holidays are over, so now it’s time to get things back in order at your business space. And we’re not only talking about cleaning the floors & dusting the windows. You may also have to attend to minor building repair issues to prepare your space for all the business coming to you this 2023. So to help you nail your new year clean-up, here are some tips for commercial cleaning after the holiday break.

Pack up holiday decorations.

Christmas decorations breathed new life into your office or shop during the holiday season, but they have to be taken down as 2023 begins. So start your new year cleaning by taking down streamers and packing the Christmas tree and ornaments. Get rid of the stuff you can’t reuse, and store the rest properly. Clean the ornaments, garlands and other decorations before storing them in boxes. Marking the boxes will also make your holiday decorating next year easier & more convenient.  

Hire professional cleaning services.

Do you run a retail shop, restaurant or clinic? It probably had an incredible influx of foot traffic during the holiday season. That could lead to your staff skipping some cleaning tasks or scheduled commercial maintenance activities in favour of making more sales. So, now that the holidays are over, it’s time to clean up! But the task may be too big for your staff. It may be more efficient to hire professional cleaning services. 

Commercial cleaning companies in Australia can deep-clean the interior & exterior space of your commercial facility. They also often have the skills and equipment needed to deal with fixtures, appliances and areas that require a special cleaning regime, like HVAC systems, sliding doors, carpets and gardens. With their services, you and your staff can start the new year fresh—ready to take on more clients and opportunities. 

Pay special attention to the break room. 

Don’t forget to pay special attention to the breakroom when deep cleaning your office or shop. That’s especially needed when your staff had multiple parties in that room during the holiday season. The crumbs from all the yummy holiday snacks probably sneaked into the deep corners of the room. Whether hiring professional cleaners or letting your in-house staff clean up, be sure to do more than wipe down the tables and countertops. Have them vacuum the floors to get the extra bits of leftovers and party dust from the nooks & crannies of your break room.

Check wearing equipment.

From the hot water system to the office printer, all the equipment in your commercial facility likely had to work too hard during the busy holiday season. So use the start of the new year as an opportunity to check the equipment. See if anything is up for minor repairs or a full replacement. Doing so will help prevent untimely breakdowns, especially as you gear up to boost your business operations this new year. 

Draw up your 2023 building maintenance plan.

Apart from cleaning and preparing your commercial space, the start of a new year is also a good opportunity to create your 2023 building maintenance plan. Review how you approached maintenance last year and find gaps or errors you must address to better prepare for your commercial maintenance this year. Did you have to do emergency plumbing repairs last year? Did you have to close your shop because of a machine downtime? You can prevent those issues this 2023 by focusing on preventive maintenance and sticking to the maintenance plan.

Contact Mathiou Services.

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