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Project Description

Mermaid Beach Playground Upgrade

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Project Details

Location: Marmaid Beach, QLD

Size: Approx. 200 m²

Timeframe: 8 weeks

External – Playground Upgrade

  • New timber deck surround

  • Supply and install new garden bed

  • Install stepping stones, stepping logs, random bamboo screens, pine bark, garden edging, plants.

  • Sandpit area – with wetpour front entry and cover

  • Install sand stone boulders around sand pit

  • Sporting & Activity Area – transformed the area into a tennis court

  • Lay tennis markings

  • Create Soft Fall Area

  • Drainage

  • Reduce levels to create falls away from the centre

  • Paved Area with planter boxes

    • Supply and install new sandstone crazy pave
    • Supply and install 3 new planter boxes, soil and plants
    • Supply and install 2 storages boxes
  • New artificial grass

  • Fort – completely customised fort with softfall and bark pit

  • New astroturf to playground creating a lush green environment


    • Supply and install 2 storages boxesCreate New retaining wall, poor slab and add new shed
    • Supply and install a new triangular shadesail approx. 5.0 x 5.0m


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