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The Learning Centre Aspley

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Sand and bark pits

Project Details

Location: Aspley, QLD

Size: Approx. 200 m²

Timeframe: 8 weeks


  • Build interactive garden inside concrete path and along the fence
  • Seal concrete path and paint (19m2).
  • Demolish concrete path
  • install sleeper to hold the bark (2lm),
  • build deck with fascia around tree
  • lay new natural turf
  • Remove existing fort and swing structure and install a new fort.
  • Build concrete path to upgrade existing size, relocate garden and lay green astro turf
  • remove tyres and lay natural turf (40 m2)
  • Remove fort
  • build deck (35 m2)
  • build sand pit (3.5 x 3 x 0.5m) with fence (balustrade) on one side (5.5 lm)
  • Lay green astro turf over concrete
  • Level yard and lay blue astro turf
  • Remove fence
  • Build deck with balustrade and fascia (43m2), build timber fence below deck (20lm)
  • Build a climbing area on the slope and cover that area with green astro turf (25m2) with climbing net
  • Top up sand pit, cut tree beside sand pit.
  • Repaint fort and replace metal accessory with a timber board play game
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Before & After

Tree AspleyAspley Early learning playground
TreeTrees in Aspley Garden
Trees in gardenThe Learning Tree Aspley

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