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Project Description

The Learning Centre Aspley

Simon is a wonderful gardener, he listens to my feedback and we work togetheron any plans around
the garden. He has great time management skills and always leaves the place looking neat and tidy.
Samantha-Louise, Clifton Beach

Project Details

Location: Aspley, QLD

Size: Approx. 200 m²

Timeframe: 8 weeks


  • Build interactive garden inside concrete path and along the fence
  • Seal concrete path and paint (19m2).
  • Demolish concrete path
  • install sleeper to hold the bark (2lm),
  • build deck with fascia around tree
  • lay new natural turf
  • Remove existing fort and swing structure and install a new fort.
  • Build concrete path to upgrade existing size, relocate garden and lay green astro turf
  • remove tyres and lay natural turf (40 m2)
  • Remove fort
  • build deck (35 m2)
  • build sand pit (3.5 x 3 x 0.5m) with fence (balustrade) on one side (5.5 lm)
  • Lay green astro turf over concrete
  • Level yard and lay blue astro turf
  • Remove fence
  • Build deck with balustrade and fascia (43m2), build timber fence below deck (20lm)
  • Build a climbing area on the slope and cover that area with green astro turf (25m2) with climbing net
  • Top up sand pit, cut tree beside sand pit.
  • Repaint fort and replace metal accessory with a timber board play game


Before & After

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