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How to grow Parsley
Instructions on How to grow your Gourmet Beans

How to grow more vegetables

Did you know you can grow more from your existing vegetables, fruits and herbs?

How to regrow: vegetables, fruit and herbs from your scraps

  • Potatoes – cut in half and leave to dry overnight and replant (eye facing up)
  • Lettuce – cut the bottom core off and place in water (head facing up – plant after 5-7 days)
  • Spring onion – Cut bulbs at bottom and place in water for 7 days, then soil
  • Celery – cut the bottom head off (leave 2 inches), place in water (stems up), plant in soil after 7 days
  • Red Onion – cut square with root middle and place in soil, water abd


  • Lemon pips – rinse and place in soil, water and leave in the greenhouse (create your own using a cut plastic bottle and place on top of pot like a lid)
  • Strawberries- use seeds from outer skin- rinse and dry then plant in a mini pot
  • Apples, kiwifruit- take seeds (rinse and dry), germinate using paper towel folded in half with seeds between and place in sealed container in fridge until they sprout then move to pot ( Kiwifruits can take up to 8 weeks)
  • Tomatoes – cut the top head of tomato and place in soil and cover with more soil, water and store in warm spot to grow
  • Advocado – cut pip in middle out using a spoon or icecream scooper, rinse pip and add 4 toothpicks on each side and sit on cup so seed is dipped into water
  • Pineapple – take the crown of the pineapple and peel off the layers so you can see more of the root, slice off a little of the bottom, poke 4 toothpicks in each side and put in water for 5-8 weeks, then place in soil to grow

Herbs and spices

  • Basil – Take a few branches of basil and only leave top tip of leaves, place in water until routes grow then transfer to a pot
  • Lemongrass – cut 3 inches from bottom and place in 2cm of water until its grown 5cm then place in soil
  • Cilantro (Coriander) – take 3 inches of the tip of branches and place in water, place in soil once roots grow 5cm

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