Welcome to your guide on growing parsley

Parsley is considered one of the easiest herbs to grow, its robust nature and ability to grow in cold or warm climates makes it fantastic to use for first time gardeners.

Parsley seeds can either be planted directly into the garden, or they can be started indoors.

Where to grow parsley

The best part of growing parsley is it can thrive in sun or shade, but sun does tend to burn it out so we recommend finding a happy medium and keep it away from direct sunlight, especially if your prone hot long sunny days.

You can either put it in a pot or in a planter box with other plants.

When to plant parsley

Parsley is a no fuss plant, so you can plant during winter or in spring. If your planting in-doors

What you will need for this exercise:

  • Seeds

  • Soil- parsley isn’t picky but use a moist, fertile soil that has lots of organic materials

  • Small spade

  • Planter box / seedling tray with a plastic lid

  • Fertiliser

Your step by step guide

  1. Before planting parsley seeds, soak them in water for 12-24 hours. Soaking the seeds will help to speed up germination.
  2. If starting seeds indoors, fill your seedling trays with a good quality seed starting medium, or you could use seed pellets if you prefer
  3. Plant 1-2 seeds per cell/pellet (if more than one seed grows, then you will need to thin the seedlings)
  4. Parsley seeds should only be planted about 1cm deep. To make sowing parsley seeds easier, lay the seeds on top of the soil, and then gently press them down to the correct depth. If you’re planting seeds directly into your garden, space them 7-9cm apart
  5. Cover the seeds with soil, and gently press it down so that the soil comes in contact with the seeds
  6. Water your seeds with a gentle spray from the hose in your garden, or by adding water to the seed trays indoors so you don’t disturb the seeds
  7. Cover each seed tray with a plastic lid to keep the soil moist, and help keep it warm too

It should take 14-28 day to germinate if you do this indoors make sure it’s near a lamp to speed up the process

Once your parsley starts to get its first leaf, it’s time to fertilise! Start with a half dose and then build it up