Welcome to your guide on growing Gourmet beans from seeds

Beans are some of the easiest veggies to grow, which makes them ideal for beginners and beloved by experienced veggie gardeners.

Best of all, beans get the perfect start if they’re grown from seed, so this provides a great opportunity to teach kids about sowing, germination and how seeds play their vital role as the starting blocks for our food.

When to plant bean seeds?

Gourmet Beans are very quick growing and may be sown every three or four weeks from spring to give a succession of pickings throughout summer. They’re handy for filling in any gaps and perfect for tubs and window boxes. Basically, you can grow these seeds anytime.

TIP: If you are planting during hot & humid weather; use a fine mist spray on flowers. This will assist with flower & pod set.

How long will they take to grow?

8-10 weeks to grow completely

2-3 days to sow/ germinate

Where to plant Bean Seeds?

Beans need a sunny spot and lots of drainage. In fact, Bean seeds can rot away in the ground if they’re too cold or wet, so make sure if you’re planting outside that the soil has lost its chill, and that your watering well but still allowing to drain.

How tall will my Gourmet Plant grow?

Your Gourmet beans seeds will grow up to 50-60cm

What you will need for this exercise:

Instructions on How to grow your Gourmet Beans
  • Seeds

  • Soil- Bean seeds love moist soil

  • Small spade

  • Planter box / seedling tray with a plastic lid

Steps to grow your beans from seeds

Fill your seedling trays/pot with a rich organic compost soil and moisten soil before sowing seeds

  1. Plant 1-2 seeds per cell/pellet
  2. Bean seeds should be planted 25mm (1in) deep in dark, damp soil. Sow 7-10cm (3-4in) apart, allowing 30-50cm (20in) between rows.
  3. Cover the seeds with soil, and gently press it down so that the soil comes in contact with the seeds
  4. Water until soil is moist and avoid watering for a day or two afterwards.

TIP If germinating inside then planting outside make sure to harden the plants by taking them outside for 2-3 hours to climatise 7-10 days before planting outdoors.

If you are planting outside


    1. Protect plants from the wind and frost. They love sun and well drained moist soil!

    2. Ensure soil has been prepared with organic compost and little fertiliser