If you run a childcare centre or oversee a school, there is a chance that you own a sandpit or considering having one installed, it becomes important to keep them maintained and in spotless conditions. Sandpits remain popular today and many children enjoy the feeling of going into their own fantasy world by playing in sandpits. It is the feel and look of sand that allows a child’s imagination to run wild and be free.  Children love playing with sand because it comes with no instructions or rules that need to be followed and is complete, simple and straightforward. Even if children have access to many tools, cups, and spoons, with just their feet and hands a sandpit can be transformed into anything they can imagine.

However, just as sandpits are great for children to enjoy and play in, childcare centers and schools should also take into consideration the safety of the children when playing in a sandpit. Without a sandpit cover you run the risk of the sand becoming dirty and contaminated. The environment can take a toll on the sand; however the most common issue is with animals visiting the sandpits of a night time.  You can clean and maintain the sand; however these issues will take a toll on the quality of the sand. With a sandpit cover installed it will provide great protection from these elements, and for childcare centers and schools this is a must.

Sandpit covers can come in any colour of your choice; they can match your company colours, and can be custom shaped to fit any sandpit size or shape.   To find out how your childcare centre or school sandpit can get a sandpit covers contact our office directly on 1300 363 423 or office@mathiouservices.com.au.