5 02, 2021

What Elements of Play to Include in Your Playground


There are a lot of elements in a playground to consider when you are looking at your layout. We have previously looked at zoning these areas into 5 zones so you can identify the ways you impact on the [...]

What Elements of Play to Include in Your Playground2022-05-07T12:54:54+10:00
20 03, 2020

Tarragindi’s New Playground and Staff Room


We recently got to join the kids at Tarragindi Edge Early Learning Centre as they explored their new playground. What a massive transition this has been for everyone involved. It was a long 14 weeks wait while our team [...]

Tarragindi’s New Playground and Staff Room2022-05-07T13:30:42+10:00
28 01, 2020

How to Plan Your Playground Build


Planning a commercial playground renovation or new build? With over 10 years of working with childcare centres and building commercial playgrounds over our time it is safe to say we have had plenty of experience building playgrounds and many [...]

How to Plan Your Playground Build2022-05-07T13:32:14+10:00
19 09, 2019

Why Playground Maintenance Is Important


5 reasons to have regular playground maintenance 1. Manage risk: Safety is paramount in any play area where vulnerable children are running around. While children learn the cause and reaction affect from 3 months, their [...]

Why Playground Maintenance Is Important2022-05-07T13:34:00+10:00
10 09, 2019

What Hazards to Look For in Your Playground


Every year we get call outs to multiple childcare centres asking us for emergency work around their centres to make safe. We thought by highlighting the key area’s that are picked in centres, we could help you be more [...]

What Hazards to Look For in Your Playground2022-05-07T16:15:49+10:00
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