When you look at a beautifully landscaped hotel garden or office lawn, you know that it takes plenty of work. Mowing the lawn or watering the plants may sound easy, but it can get more complicated when you do it on a larger scale—on a massive lawn of a five-star hotel or the garden of every school building in your city. That’s not to mention the responsibility to do it right as these businesses have a reputation to uphold and customers to impress. Because of that, commercial landscape maintenance is a service you shouldn’t take lightly.

If you own a restaurant, retail store or commercial building, you need to rely on a good landscaping company. 

So today, we’ll help you explore the ins and outs of commercial landscape maintenance. We’ll share the benefits, the tasks involved and a few tips when hiring professional landscape gardeners in Gold Coast, Brisbane & other cities.

What are the business benefits of landscape maintenance?

A well-maintained garden or lawn leaves a positive impression on passersby, but it does more than that. Professional landscape and gardening services can:

  • Attract and retain clients and employees.

A lush garden boosts your commercial property’s kerb appeal. It attracts the attention of potential walk-in customers, which bodes well for hotels, restaurants, retail shops and other local businesses that benefit from high daily foot traffic.

Also, a well-maintained lawn says a lot about how your business cares for the tiniest detail. Say a customer stands in front of two restaurants that offer the same cuisine. One restaurant has a clean & gorgeous garden perfect for al fresco dining, while the other has a lawn filled with fallen leaves and standing water. Which restaurant do you think the customer will choose? A tidy exterior could mean the kitchen and the other spots and aspects of a restaurant are clean and well taken care of, too.

Moreover, commercial landscape maintenance impacts employee retention. Employees will likely be motivated and productive working in an office with a beautiful garden where they can relax and hang out during breaks. Plus, it impacts their mood as the garden is one of the first things they see when they come to work.

  • Save your business time and money.

Hiring a professional landscaping company can help your company saves time, money and effort trying to keep the outdoor area presentable. Experienced gardeners and landscapers can take a load off you— from watering the lawn to cultivating the trees. You can then focus on other important day-to-day tasks.

As long as you hire the right company and choose a landscape maintenance program that suits your needs, you can expect a gorgeous garden all year round.

  • Help improve the design of your outdoor areas.

If you want your outdoor areas to be striking and innovative, you can make things happen with the help of professional landscape and gardening services. Almost anybody can mow a lawn, but only experts can tell you how specific trees and plants impact your landscape design in a few months or years. Even artificial turf needs some care that only experienced gardening professionals can provide.

Commercial landscape maintenance isn’t only about keeping the beautiful look of your garden. Some companies also take a proactive approach to identify ways to enhance your exterior space while keeping the plants and grass in top shape. We can even make sure that there are no overhanging branches over your solar installations.

Which tasks are included in landscape maintenance?

When you hire gardening and landscaping services for your commercial property, you expect specific tasks completed monthly or quarterly. These include mowing, edging, weeding, pruning, tree lopping, tree removal, high-pressure water cleaning of surfaces, irrigation, debris cleanup and installation of new landscape features.

Landscape Maintenance

General landscaping services also cover expert lawn watering. Remember that garden watering across Australia comes with challenges due to water restrictions. But with our help, we’ll keep your lawn healthy without wasting a drop of water. 

There are also other maintenance tasks you can get done for your garden or lawn. For instance, here at Mathiou Services, we also provide these landscape services:

  • Top-up bark, soil & mulch services: One of the most popular lawn substitutes is garden bark or organic matter. It provides an impressive woodland look, and it keeps your lawn from being slippery and muddy. But, it’s recommended to top up your mulch bark every six months—so let our team handle that for you.
  • Retaining wall construction: In some cases, regular gardening tasks aren’t enough to keep unwanted soil and water from ruining the beauty of your landscape. Building a retaining wall can help address that issue, but this project isn’t an easy feat. Fortunately, you can leave it in our capable hands.
  • Shade sail installation: The Australian weather can be harsh and predictable. If putting up fixed structures to protect your lawn doesn’t work within your space or budget, you may want to consider installing shade sails. We’re a local shade sails expert; we can install or repair your commercial-grade sails.

What should you remember when hiring gardening and landscaping services?

Before you type “landscape gardeners near me” online, it’s best to know what you should know when hiring a commercial landscaping company. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you have the basics covered. See if the maintenance contract covers the general services, such as mowing, garden cleanup, edging and trimming. 
  • Know when you’ll get services. Scheduling is a critical component in a commercial landscape maintenance plan. Check if the contract includes a calendar of which services will be completed and when. If there are no definite dates, find out how often you’ll get those services instead.
  • Find out what isn’t covered. After seeing the maintenance quote or contract, it’s still OK to ask what isn’t covered. If you need retaining walls, shade sails or other features or additional services, feel free to talk to the company about it. These services can be one-off or add-ons to your landscaping contract.
  • Request a quote. In case you haven’t asked, be sure to request a quote. That way, you can put together a quarterly or annual budget for commercial landscape maintenance—and arrange your finances to be prepared for it.

Hire Mathiou Services for commercial landscape maintenance.

Now that you’ve read about the ins and outs of landscape maintenance, are you ready to hire an expert landscaping company? If yes, consider Mathiou Services.

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