Summer has been and gone, and preparing your commercial lawn this autumn is as crucial as any other season. Unfortunately, most businesses would rather have garden maintenance in early spring in preparation for the growing season, while autumn is often overlooked. Although this time of the year has mellowed fruitfulness, there are so many tasks you need to take care of to ensure your lawn is beautifully presented and healthy.

To help you streamline your garden maintenance for your business, we’re giving you an autumn gardening checklist that your caretaker should know about.

Tidy up the lawn.

Make sure any autumn leaves are raked across your property’s green space to help your grass grow. Thick fallen leaves scattered across your lawn will deprive it of sunlight. Weed removal should also be on your checklist because it keeps the lawn and plants healthy, especially in spring, where it becomes most harmful and aggressive.

Turn over mulch around your property.

Autumn is the best season to revive commercial spaces that use mulch around their property. The cool weather ensures that it will not decay your mulch. It is advisable to seek expert gardening services to avoid over-mulching that can expose your trees to disease and invite pests on your lawn and plants. Also, some mulches increase the pH level of your yard, so you need to turn over the mulch for healthier growth.

Prune all trees and plants.

By removing dead or damaged branches, pruning helps maximise your plant and tree’s growth and life expectancy. It would help to hire gardening and landscaping professionals to dethatch your landscape and boost your property’s kerb appeal.

You want your property and garden to look presentable with tree reshaping and safe from falling stray branches. This helpful and healthy practice shows significant growth to your trees, especially with professional gardening services. Plus, autumn is the best time for tree pruning because some operations require bigger machines that are easier to work with on solid ground.

Give your grass and soil a head start with fertiliser.

Fall fertiliser protects your soil and grass from winter and gives a head start for next spring. Autumn shows noticeable dry leaves and patches after the scorching hot summer.

Your lawn needs a substantial dose of nitrogen from fertiliser to boost the strength of roots, regrow the blades of grass, and help control weeds. It also protects your lawn against harsh winter months and into next year.

Best time to switch to artificial grass.

Since autumn is the time for transition, it is the perfect season to switch to artificial grass. It allows you to enjoy your garden no matter the weather condition and keeps any commercial space looking luxurious and well-kept all year long.

In addition, you can save hundreds of maintenance costs with artificial turf because it obviously doesn’t require any gardening or watering. Plus, it is easier to invest in this type of landscaping solution to maintain your green lawn. 

Hire Mathiou Services for professional gardening & landscaping.

Keeping the outdoors of your commercial space healthy and tidy is essential no matter the season. It boosts your business appeal because it offers a good first impression to your visitors or passers by, and clearly, you want to leave a significant impact on them.

Hiring Mathiou Services for professional gardening and landscaping ensures that the checklist above is taken care of and you don’t miss any important tasks this autumn season. 

Pressure water cleaning

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