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20 03, 2020

Tarragindi’s New Playground and Staff Room


We recently got to join the kids at Tarragindi Edge Early Learning Centre as they explored their new playground. What a massive transition this has been for everyone involved. It was a long 14 weeks wait while our team [...]

Tarragindi’s New Playground and Staff Room2022-05-07T13:30:42+10:00
28 01, 2020

How to Plan Your Playground Build


Planning a commercial playground renovation or new build? With over 10 years of working with childcare centres and building commercial playgrounds over our time it is safe to say we have had plenty of experience building playgrounds and many [...]

How to Plan Your Playground Build2022-05-07T13:32:14+10:00
30 08, 2019

Stretton Playground Upgrade Experience


 10 Questions with Prue Turnbull– Stretton ELC Playground Upgrade 1. Tell us a little about you? How did you become an owner? How many childcares do you have? What prompted you to upgrade your playcentre [...]

Stretton Playground Upgrade Experience2022-05-07T16:16:31+10:00
14 02, 2019

Want To Make Your Centre More Appealing? Make These Easy Upgrades !


In a world where visual stimulants draw an audience and an eyesore deters, we thought we’d share a few of the more basic but amazing minor upgrades we completed. You might be surprised to find that it doesn't take [...]

Want To Make Your Centre More Appealing? Make These Easy Upgrades !2021-04-02T20:44:07+10:00
2 10, 2018

Childcare’s Mini Make-Over Creates Impact


How a mini makeover can make a big impact We had the pleasure of working with this childcare centre to make minor changes that created a huge impact for the centre visually and practically. Some of the work included: New [...]

Childcare’s Mini Make-Over Creates Impact2022-05-07T16:29:23+10:00
23 08, 2018

Loganholme Playground and Bathroom Upgrade


Internal and External Upgrade How simple upgrades can make a huge impact to your centre Location: Loganholme, QLD, AUS Size: Approx 200 m² Timeframe: 2 weeks We recently were given the opportunity to upgrade this Loganholme centre's playground and bathrooms. [...]

Loganholme Playground and Bathroom Upgrade2019-11-07T16:00:42+10:00
19 07, 2018

The Benefits of Having a Sandpit in Your Childcare Centre or School


Ask most children and they will most definitely agree that the sandpit is one of their favourite parts of play time. The texture of sand makes for a fun tool to mould (and destroy) into castles, hills, and tunnel [...]

The Benefits of Having a Sandpit in Your Childcare Centre or School2022-05-07T16:32:53+10:00
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