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14 02, 2024

Blog: Green Spaces in the Sky: Creating Serene Rooftop Gardens for Apartments

By |2024-02-14T08:43:08+10:00February 14th, 2024|

As the size of living spaces in cities gets smaller and people want more green areas, rooftop gardens turn empty roof spaces into lively, green spots. They make the place look better and increase the value of the property. [...]

1 10, 2023

Timber Fence: How to Extend Its Life with Proper Maintenance

By |2024-01-25T22:40:38+10:00October 1st, 2023|

Timber Fence: How to Extend Its Life with Proper Maintenance Just like a steadfast guardian of your commercial property, your timber fence stands against the test of time and the elements. But even the mightiest need a little care. [...]

1 09, 2023

Blog: Garden with Mulch: Everything You Need to Know for Your Commercial Space

By |2024-01-25T22:40:41+10:00September 1st, 2023|

Whether you run a hotel, retail shop or child care centre, creating a vibrant and inviting outdoor space is essential for your commercial property. A well-maintained garden enhances your property’s curb appeal and provides a welcoming environment for visitors [...]

14 07, 2023

Preventing Water Damage: How Commercial Gutter Repair Can Protect Your Property

By |2024-01-25T22:40:43+10:00July 14th, 2023|

Imagine the rain pouring down, its rhythmic pitter-patter creating a soothing melody. But amidst the tranquillity lies a hidden threat—water damage. It’s a significant threat to commercial properties, leading to costly gutter repairs and potential business interruptions. Fortunately, there’s [...]

21 04, 2023

What Are the Best Playground Flooring Materials?

By |2024-01-25T22:40:48+10:00April 21st, 2023|

What Are the Best Playground Flooring Materials? We all know that playgrounds are a kid’s paradise, but as adults, we need to ensure they’re safe and secure. One of the top things to consider when designing and building a [...]

11 04, 2023

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Senior Living Facilities

By |2024-01-25T22:40:50+10:00April 11th, 2023|

As senior citizens continue to age, it becomes increasingly important to ensure their living environment is safe, comfortable and engaging. One way to achieve this is by utilising synthetic grass in senior living facilities. Whether you are an owner [...]

2 03, 2023

10 Retaining Wall Ideas to Elevate Your Commercial Landscaping

By |2024-01-25T22:40:53+10:00March 2nd, 2023|

While it's true that retaining walls primarily serve a functional purpose by preventing soil erosion and reducing the risk of flooding, they are not solely utilitarian. Retaining walls can also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your commercial outdoor space [...]

12 10, 2022

The Wonderful Benefits of Commercial Landscaping for Your Employees

By |2024-01-25T22:40:58+10:00October 12th, 2022|

It’s human nature to be attracted to greenery. Most people feel happy and relaxed when they’re outdoors, surrounded by lush plants & trees and beautiful flowers. But as our cities densify, commercial spaces in urban environments lack green space.  [...]

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