Sometimes you can find that your water is too hot and can burn if you place your hand under it or it’s the complete opposite and only produces icy cold water. This can be frustrating when using your water system and then the last thing you want to worry about is your water supply running out.

There can be lots of causes to why this is happening especially if you use storage water or element faults. Whatever the reason a great option to consider and is essential by Australian law in centres and facilities is to install a tempering valve, specifically a thermostatic mixing valve. This ensures that your centre and facilities have reliable hot and cold water by blending them to create a consistent temperature every time.

The temperature is set up by our plumbers during installation and makes sure that temperatures are at a temperature hot enough to kill off bad bacteria and germs but not hot enough to produce burns and scalding. Crucial if your centre or business is based around childcare and safety. At Mathiou Services we ensure that your centres water supply will be safe and sanitary to use by all and with constant maintenance checks you’ll never have to worry about plumbing issues again!

We want to make sure that your facilities are safe and ready to use, so if you believe that your plumbing could do with a check-up or you’ve noticed a difference in your water temperatures call us today to get your plumbing back in order.

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