As your business grows and changes, the space it occupies will also need to adapt. But where should you start? You can’t just go on a full-mode renovation project, as it can be too expensive. As a commercial carpentry company, we’re here to share some nuggets of wisdom! Whether your company has grown, taken on new clientele or redirected its focus, here are some minor yet impactful renovation ideas you can consider.

  • Revamp your lobby or waiting area.

Does your office or child care centre have a small lobby or waiting area for clients? Here’s an idea: revamp it! You can repaint the area, replace some furniture pieces and add creative lighting for a brighter and more welcoming feel. If your budget permits, you can expand it a bit to include a coffee nook and small fridge so you can improve your customer service through free coffee, cold drinks and snacks. 

  • Swap for large windows.

Want to improve your office space without changing the floor plans and adding new rooms? Look at your windows. Maybe, it’s time to swap them for larger windows. This renovation idea brings tons of benefits. For one, studies have said that natural light boosts employee productivity. Also, having more windows lets your employees see the greenery outside and have a chance to relax for a few minutes. Don’t forget the modern feel that large windows can add to any space. 

  • Repaint or add an accent wall.

When people design their offices, shops or facilities, they often choose white and muted colours to keep the space looking professional. While that is fine, it also helps if a commercial space has a pop of colour here and there. So if you’re planning a small renovation project, you can’t go wrong with commercial repainting or adding an accent wall painted in a vibrant solid colour. 

  • Update lighting fixtures.

Updating your office or shop’s lighting fixtures is a cost-effective way to transform the look and feel of the space. If you’ve always been using harsh fluorescent lighting, it’s time to update it with warm lighting. When selecting lighting fixtures, try to strike the perfect balance. You don’t want to have lights in your space that are too bright or too dim. Also, fitting your commercial space with modern LED lights will save you money in the long run since they’re more energy-efficient.

  • Add a breakout space.

Have you ever worked on a crucial task but suddenly felt you’ve run out of ideas? But then, you go on a quick walk outside, and the ideas suddenly flow like water. That is called creative block, and it can be resolved when you take a breather or change your workspace for a moment. Walking outside or spending a few minutes in a different space can clear your head and inspire creativity. You can imitate that creative boost by adding a breakout space in your commercial area.

Breakout spaces don’t have to be huge; they can be little nooks with a few cushions, some desks, shelves and greenery. They are often built into walls, but you can choose to have them in open areas to foster collaboration between workers. Hire a quality commercial carpentry company to ensure these new spaces deliver. The important thing is they offer an inviting space for employees who need a quick change of scenery but don’t want to leave the office or stop working on a task. 

  • Focus on energy efficiency.

You don’t have to add or overhaul an entire area when doing a commercial renovation. Sometimes, focusing on one single aspect of the space is enough to improve it. Let us ask you, how energy-efficient is your office, shop or centre? 

Energy costs can eat up a big chunk of your monthly budget. So if you’re looking for a commercial renovation idea, why don’t you go for energy-efficient upgrades? As mentioned, install more large windows to bring in more natural light. You can switch to LED lighting and a more energy-efficient heating and cooling system. Upgrading your building insulation is also a good project.

  • Reconsider the furniture pieces.

Don’t have much budget to add rooms or expand your commercial space? You can focus your resources and energy on furniture instead. Perhaps, you can switch from cubicle-like structures to modern and multifunction furniture pieces. You can also start small by focusing on one area at a time. For instance, you can begin with the lobby and office pantry, and then, once you have a better cash flow, you can proceed to hire a commercial interior fit-out service for the rest of your office. 

  • Add or revamp your deck.

Commercial carpentry renovation doesn’t always have to happen inside—it can also be done in your exterior space. One great renovation idea is adding or revamping your deck. It’s perfect for child care centres, aged care facilities and other businesses that want to create more outdoor functional spaces for their clients. Just be sure to get a reliable commercial carpentry service for top-quality work. 

  • Install a new fence or gate.

Looking for another exterior renovation for your facility? Consider installing a new fence or gate. This is especially beneficial for schools, aged care facilities, clinics and other institutions that accommodate kids and seniors who may need an extra level of security and safety. Consider updating your traditional steel gate with high-quality fencing solutions complete with modern access control systems. It may seem like a simple renovation idea, but it brings huge benefits to your facility and customers. 

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