The Aussie Kindies Early Learning Tugun centre offers a new world of fun for children to explore every day, and its mission is to provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment. Working alongside the team at Aussie Kindies Early Learning Tugun, our team has regenerated the environment in and outside the centre to bring the mission of the centre to back to light. The work focused on revamping both the senior & junior playgrounds to help bring the fun back, as well as freshening specific areas internally, this included;

Senior & Junior Yards:

  • New bark across the gardens
  • Removed dirty sand from sandpits and topped them up with new certified sand
  • Upgraded the water feature with new pebble tile mosaics and updated plumbing
  • Replaced soft fall with astroturf
  • Removed worn astroturf and stencil created existing concrete
  • Install new concrete slab
  • Installed new decking around sand-pit


  • New tiling in the shower area
  • Replace the shower screens
  • Supply and install new nappy change station with stairs
  • Move existing sink and mixer tap
  • Supply and install new toilet partitions

After all the renovations to the internal facilities & playground, the children jumped into the area ready to enjoy themselves, with the playground previously being soft fall (wet pour) to new astroturf. The Centre Manager Deb Lynch described their first experience by saying, “The turf is so big and fluffy the children were laying all over it.”

The effects of the centre’s refresh are not just being felt by the children, but the business has taken a jump in enrolments. According to centre manager Deb Lynch, “Enrolments have increased, which is exactly what we wanted as a business. We had about an 8% increase in enrolments, which is positive for the centre. Most of it was that they were seeing that work was underway, even though they could see some of the areas were closed at times, I was still getting enrolments coming through because they could obviously see that we were making a change.”

The refresh of the Aussie Kindies Early Learning Tugun centre has truly impacted the centre for the better; take a look yourself with our slideshow;

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