Are you looking to renovate your bathroom but not sure how it would look, aren’t great with drawing and don’t want to pay a professional yet? Or maybe you just want to get a visual on what the bathroom would look like before you spoke to someone;

Whatever your reasons, get a better idea about your bathroom layout with these free online bathroom planning tools.

We have had a play with a few of them and these are the results:

  • Reece – big range of quality products and elements connected. Using pre-exisiting themes, designs, and even examples of some well-known designs from the block. Reece’s 3D Bathroom planner is amazing and a very helpful tool for bathroom layout. From cabinetry, white wear, tap types, room shapes, custom measurements , flooring and all your interior design options, plus the positioning of your plumbing, electricity, ventilation and heating, down to the type of lighting intensity and the way your mat will sit – its all there for you to manipulate so you can fully visualise the look and feel of your bathroom. Its easy to use and very informative.
  • Smart Draw – This requires a login, and at one point was free but now gives you a 7 days trial, just enough time to design up the look and feel, save it and take to a store. Once you are in it is easy to use. Just like the other planners you choose your bathroom shape, put in the measurements of the walls and then you can start planning the power outlet positions and plumbing fit outs position and all your fittings, tile types amd flooring materials. Not like the others, you can upload a custom layout, which is handy if you have an odd shape bathroom. In saying that, it doesn’t have any real connection to products so its really just a design tool which depending on what you are after could be right for you.

Reece 3D bathroom tool

  • Villeroy-boch.- Another great free bathroom planning tool and no login required.  This easy to use planner helps you with floor layout, electrical points, plumbing fixtures, tiles, paint, light position, and more. You are limited to selection the at store but they do offer a wide range of high quality options and the bonus would be that you can price the products from the store so it would be easy to quote after.

3D Free Bathroom Planner
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