12 Brisbane playgrounds you should explore:

Hamilton Hercules Street Park

Address: 40 Remora Rd, Hamilton QLD 4007

Located near the Brisbane airport. This award-winning playground features a large playground with slides, tunnels, climbing walls, basketball hoops, obstacles and a water feature.

Brisbane hercules street park
Best Playgrounds Brisbane hercules street park


Address: 2 Macquarie St, St Lucia QLD 4067

For the ninja warrior enthusiasts – this ninja warrior challenge with has everything from quinn steps to cliff hangers and field rings. Take it one step further by challenging yourself on the course timekeeper- here.

Guyatt Park Ninja Course Brisbane

Frew Park

Address: Frew Park, Frew Street, Milton QLD 4064

This urban playground has some creative spaces for both the older and younger ages. Its concrete/ industrial structure includes a challenging climbing wall, slides, and basketball hoops. For the toddlers, they have tyre swings, interactive sound and music play equipment, a mini climbing wall and slides.

Playgrounds Brisbane Frew Park 12

Flagstone Water Play Park and Adventure Park

Address: Flagstonian Dr, Undullah QLD 4285

For those that are up for a bit of travel Flagstone has some great playground the Waterplay park is well known for its sculptured trees, great to cool down after playing in the large adventure playground next to it.

Slides, carousels, flying foxes and more.

Flagstone water play adventure playground
Flagsgtone water park Brisbane

ORION MEGA PLAYGROUND – Springfield Central

Address: 1 Main St, Springfield Central QLD 4300

Brisbane Orion Mega Best Playground Build

Riverside Green Playground

Address: Southbank, Brisbane QLD 4000

Riverside Green Playground Brisbane

BMX BIKE TRACK – Bracken Ridge

Address: 522 Telegraph Rd, Bracken Ridge QLD 4017

For those that have kids that LOVE to scooter or bike – this may be their ideal space. There is also another BMX track in Darra

Brisbane BMX bike track


Address: Underwood Park, 956-980 Underwood Rd, Priestdale QLD 4127

I think anything theme based is an experience in itself so for harry potter or witch fans this could be a fun playgorund to stop at if you are ever in the Springwood or Priestdale area.

Brisbane BMX bike track