The carpeted floor in your office, shop or childcare centre endures foot traffic, absorbs spills and traps dirt every day. It’s no wonder it looks dull and worn over time. Luckily, you can preserve its look and extend its life with proper carpet maintenance. 

Why Should You Invest in Proper Carpet Maintenance? 

The carpet is an attractive addition to your commercial space. But it does more than help your business create a good first impression each day. It provides cushioning, which helps reduce fatigue and the risk of repetitive injuries for standing workers and visitors. It also absorbs noise, improving the sound distribution within the space.

But your carpet can’t fulfil all those roles when it’s dirty, worn or soiled. As you can imagine, soil, dirt and debris lodge against the carpet base over time. These particles gradually rub against the threads, destroying their look, strength and performance. Of course, your janitorial team can do daily or weekly vacuuming to keep the carpet looking good. But that can only remove top-level dust and grimes. 

Your flooring needs deep & professional carpet cleaning at least a few times a year. Add that to soil prevention and routine cleaning, and you can extend the life of your carpet. You can then save hundreds of dollars in early replacement and other costs.

What Does a Professional Carpet Care Program Entail? 

A comprehensive carpet maintenance plan includes preventative care & regularly scheduled cleaning. Ideally, it should cover four elements: soil prevention, regular vacuuming, routine spot and spill removal and carpet extraction for deep cleaning.

  • Soil Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent dirt from getting trapped in your carpet is keeping soil, sand and dust from entering your shop or building in the first place. But, again, such debris can cut carpet fibres, creating lasting damage and dulling its appearance. 

You can carry out soil prevention by placing entrance matting. These entry floor mats can trap soil from people’s shoes, keeping dirt from entering your building. 

How long should these mats be? An individual should take about eight to ten steps on the entry mat before reaching your carpeted floor. That way, the mat can trap more dirt. You may need an entrance matting that’s around five or six-metre long. 

Also, be sure to keep dirt from building up on your entry mats to sustain their effectiveness. It’s recommended to vacuum these mats every day or more than once a day if they’re in high foot traffic areas.

  • Regular Vacuuming

Routine carpet vacuuming removes the soils that made it past entrance matting. Your in-house janitorial team can handle this. Just make sure they do it consistently. 

Regular vacuuming can do wonders for your entry mats & carpets
How often should you vacuum carpeted floors in commercial spaces? Vacuum daily in high-traffic areas. Your team can stick to a twice-a-week routine if the carpeted floor is a medium-traffic spot. A weekly schedule works in light-traffic areas. 

  • Routine Spot and Spill Removal 

Apart from trapping dirt, soil and dust, carpets endure spots and spills, too. People can quickly notice these stains. And that can impact how they see your business. 

Say you run a child care centre. Having a carpeted floor full of nasty stains can indicate that you don’t put a premium on hygiene and safety, which are vital to children’s wellness. That could put some parents off, causing you to lose customers. 

So other than soil prevention & routine vacuuming, you need to do routine spot and spill removal. You can do DIY remedies to get rid of carpet spills and odours. Your janitorial team can do this task. But it’s not 100% guaranteed that they’ll get those out, especially if the stains and smells have already been embedded in the carpet threads and fibres. If that’s the case, you can proceed to deep carpet cleaning.

  • Deep Carpet Cleaning  

This task is labour-intensive and time-consuming, but it can remove deeply embedded dirt and stains that spot removal and vacuuming could not. 

Most professional carpet cleaning services employ a heavy-duty machine. They also use a combination of detergents and steam to deep clean commercial carpets effectively. After that, they have to remove soap and water residue. Any soap left behind can potentially attract dirt, causing the freshly cleaned carpet to soil faster. 

Carpets in child care centres require professional carpet cleaning

Drying the carpet is crucial, too. If the carpet doesn’t dry completely before putting back the furniture, the metal legs of chairs and tables can cause rust stains on the carpet. Also, a damp carpet can easily provide a breeding ground for bacteria. You don’t want that to happen to the carpeted floors in your office, shop or school.

Deep carpet cleaning should be performed at least quarterly in high-traffic areas and twice a year in moderate-traffic rooms of your building. You can also have your carpet deeply cleaned during a strip & seal service for a vinyl floor restoration

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