14 02, 2019

Want To Make Your Centre More Appealing? Make These Easy Upgrades !


In a world where visual stimulants draw an audience and an eyesore deters, we thought we’d share a few of the more basic but amazing minor upgrades we completed. You might be surprised to find that it doesn't take [...]

Want To Make Your Centre More Appealing? Make These Easy Upgrades !2021-04-02T20:44:07+10:00
23 08, 2018

Loganholme Playground and Bathroom Upgrade


Internal and External Upgrade How simple upgrades can make a huge impact to your centre Location: Loganholme, QLD, AUS Size: Approx 200 m² Timeframe: 2 weeks We recently were given the opportunity to upgrade this Loganholme centre's playground and bathrooms. [...]

Loganholme Playground and Bathroom Upgrade2019-11-07T16:00:42+10:00
24 05, 2017

Best Practices To Keep You Healthy While At Work


It is vital that you are at your best every time you are at your workplace or even on site. Your professional life is as great as your health. When you are healthy, you will be effective and efficient. Here are [...]

Best Practices To Keep You Healthy While At Work2017-05-24T08:30:24+10:00
11 04, 2017

Leaky Roof? Timely Repairs and Maintenance for a Danger Free Environment


All of us know and understand the meaning of the word ‘danger’. But the perspective and meaning changes according to the situation. While a busy road, an open electric cable and a fire are dangers we are all well aware [...]

Leaky Roof? Timely Repairs and Maintenance for a Danger Free Environment2021-06-09T15:29:45+10:00
6 10, 2016

Perth Childcare Centre Playground Upgrade


Here’s a Perth childcare centre playground upgrade completed by the Mathiou Services WA Team. A big improvement on the old playground both aesthetically and functionality wise utilising the area with a nice combination of open natural grass and astro-turf areas, [...]

Perth Childcare Centre Playground Upgrade2019-04-30T07:38:11+10:00
23 09, 2016

Gold Coast Childcare Centre Playground Upgrade


Another childcare centre playground upgrade on the Gold Coast completed on time and on budget. Great feedback from the parents and carers and the kids are loving it. They even gave us a hand planting the new herb garden and [...]

Gold Coast Childcare Centre Playground Upgrade2020-01-21T16:19:07+10:00
8 09, 2016

Mermaid Waters Childcare Centre Makeover


We've just completed this awesome playground makeover at a beautiful childcare centre in Mermaid Waters. The childcare playground makeover included an exciting fort with two slides, two climbing ramps, periscope, telescope, captains wheel and sandpits surrounded by lush synthetic grass. [...]

Mermaid Waters Childcare Centre Makeover2020-01-21T16:29:09+10:00
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