What is backflow prevention?

Having a backflow prevention installed is a mandatory requirement for all facilities across Australia. This is to ensure that people aren’t being exposed to contaminated water and that it doesn’t mix back into drinking water.

This is such an important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration, as your facility is responsible for how it looks after the people coming and going inside your business. You can read more on backflow maintenance plumbing systems here.

How can you tell if the water is contaminated?

It is often hard to tell when water is contaminated as it can be odourless, colourless and tasteless.

That’s why it’s important that each year you should have your facilities water supply checked by the required date. At Mathiou Services we are qualified and trained to carry out backflow testing with scheduled maintenance every year to meet these regulations.

Backflow system

What is a TMV and why should I have this tested?

While looking at your backflow valves we recommend testing your TMVs which blends hot and cold water together to ensure safe shower and bath outlet temperatures to prevent scalding. With a TMV, it is designed to provide a constant water temperature even when the water pressures change by using a Mechanical Mixing Valve that cannot adjust to changes in temperature, pressure or flow. In the event that the cold water supply fails the TMV will shut down the flow to prevent the release of any dangerous hot water.

To find out more on TMVs read here

TMV system

Why are TMV & backflow testing important?

It is crucial for your facility and business to take water safety very seriously to prevent water contamination and scalding. Let our team at Mathiou Services help maintain the safety of your water valve, as well as providing you with a certificate showing that the water valve is safe and regulated.

To ensure everything is operating correctly at your facility give us a call at 1300 363 423, so we can prevent any issues from arising.