What is a TMV and why test?

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is essential in providing safe hot and cold water temperatures by blending hot and cold water together to ensure a constant and safe temperature which ultimately prevents scalding.  Under the Australian standard this shouldn’t exceed 45 degrees for ELC’s, schools-primary & secondary and aged care services, otherwise 50 degrees is the Australia Standard for others. It’s important to have testing with regular maintenance to ensure both the cold and hot waters are running at the right temperatures and that it doesn’t exceed standards, anything over 45 degrees can cause extreme and lasting pain.

It doesn’t take long to acquire a burn, in fact as little as 1 second if exposed to temperatures of 65-80 degrees. If proper temperatures aren’t monitored and tested scalding and unhygienic water is a possibility and can be a major safety problem for your facility or centre. TMV’s use thermostats over static mixing valves which provides a safety assurance for users and ensures that the hot water temperature remains constant.

By having a TMV you can be assured that the water will be delivered at the required temperature and reduce the supply of the water if the temperature is too high.

What does a TMV do?

It provides

  • Temperature stability
  • High flow rates
  • Safe drinking water
  • Safe temperatures preventing scalding
  • More availability of hot water
  • Preferred system in healthcare facilities and child care centres

These are just a few of the features that TMV’s can provide. Here at Mathiou Services we pride ourselves in making sure your facility is up to date with all the latest safety features. Give us a call on 1300 363 423 so we can make sure your TMV is working correctly.

TMV system