#1 Using Bleach is great for getting rid of stains on your vinyl floor, you should use more to get rid of tougher ones

Bleach is great and it most likely will get rid of the stains BUT it will also ruin your flooring. It will corrode the flooring which in turn means replacing it. Try using a neutral stain removing option.

#2 A little vinegar is great for flooring

Vinegar has all sorts of cleaning uses and was a big part of the cleaning products for yonder years. The problem you will face is that it will strip your flooring of its sealant and wear down the material either forcing you to get a new floor or get a strip and seal depending on the type of floor. Use neutral pH soap that is specific to your type of floor.

#3 Water and Dishwashing liquid is great for mopping, leaving a streak-free polished floor

Unfortunately-not, dishwashing liquid or any dishwashing agent is made to cut through grease of dishes or ceramic. It adds a film over any material it touches and when water touches again it becomes slippery again. So, what you’re essentially doing is making your floors a hazard by using this on your floors, try keeping to a neutral pH cleaner.

#4 Eucalyptus is great for cleaning a sticky floor

Eucalyptus is great for cleaning lots of different flooring HOWEVER using on sealed floors can burn the material. Do a test first in a small hidden corner, wait 30 minutes before using the product in a bigger area.  Alternatively, we recommend using a neutral product like XO2 neutral.

#5 Picture laminate flooring is a great alternative to vinyl floors

If you are using or are thinking of using laminated pictures glued to your flooring please reconsider and use an interactive play mat instead. The top layer is not made for constant wear and tear and over time, after a few mops the picture in the vinyl will bleed and the glue will ruin the original flooring.


#6 Water and vinegar is great for hardwood floors

Water and wood generally don’t go too well for indoor flooring, add vinegar (an acidic) and you will be sure to wear down the polyurethane finish and fade those once-gleaming floors. Try a neutral pH cleaner specifically for wood.