What a year to remember…

Life in 2020 took a dramatic change and has shaped many lives. It has been a year of hurdles, triumphs, losses and yet there were still celebrations to be had.

A year where paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitisers and masks became so popular, that there were shortages. Doctors visits were a must, handshakes were replaced with elbows and coughing became frowned upon as you walked the streets (wow). In amongst that, we have seen many come together to support and care for everyone within the community as well.

With all this said, Mathiou Services managed to accomplish and complete thousands of jobs, hundreds of projects including many renovations and playground upgrades.

We successfully renewed our ISO accreditations for Quality (9001), Environment (14001), Health & Safety (4801) after a week of being audited. We virtually met thousands at our first virtual trade show. We mastered virtual team meetings, interviews and even customer meetings were done virtually.

Take a look at a glimpse of our year and what our teams across Australia have achieved.

Bring on 2021!

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