Purchases and install must be completed by the end of the financial year to be eligible

As part of the COVID-19 business support funding, ATO has given all Australian registered businesses that meet the criteria an opportunity to instantly write-off certain assets up to a threshold for FY20.

So if you are looking at doing or have done small renovations or simply want to upgrade your facility, the fixtures and fittings purchased for this may be eligible for a tax write-off as long as you can use the product by the end of the financial year- Tuesday,  June 30th 2020.

This won’t cover the labour but it will cover the assets purchased to install like

– New Carpets*
– Flooring*
– Kitchen appliances
– Playground Accessories
– Air Conditioning Units
– Lighting Fixtures
– Room Furniture
– Office Furniture
– Shade Sails
– Bathroom appliance like hand dryers, dispensers etc
– Fences* and more

*some types of these may be exempt, please see ATO website or speak to your accountant for more advice

What Mathiou Services can help you with

Floor laying
Carpet laying
Install air cons
Shed sail install
Shelving assemble
Kitchen renovations
Office furniture and data power point install
New playground install

Hurry! Purchases and install must be completed by the end of the FY20 financial year to be eligible