You wouldn’t think your own sink or bath water would be hot enough to burn you but according to the Public Health Association Australia every year around 5,800 people are admitted to hospital for hot liquid burns and actually accounts to 45% of all burns across Australia.

It’s not a great statistic and is something that can be fixed by making sure your facilities or centres are fitted and tested for safe water temperatures. The Public Health Association of Australia want to advocate for the ongoing policy and legislative commitment to have heated water temperature regulations as scalding and other injuries can be prevented.

Groups most at risk are children aged under four years of age and elderly people as their skin is not tolerant to such heat. With hot water taps accounting for 8% of burns that result in hospitalisation for children aged 0-4.

This is why The Public Health Association of Australia support lowering tap temperatures through Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV) and providing a safe option in gaining hot and cold water.

We don’t want you or anyone else to be subjected to scalding hot water temperatures where it can cause injuries and be life threatening in extreme cases. At Mathiou Services we are pushing for regular maintenance and checks on all TMV systems and urging you to install a TMV if you don’t already have one.

TMV’s accurately ensure controlled water temperatures, even if the water pressure changes when other appliances are used. They react to temperature changes with incoming water supplies and adjusts cold and hot water temperatures accordingly. This provides a stable and safe temperature that can be used by everyone.

This month make sure you get the team at Mathiou Services to check your water supply, ensuring your facility’s safety and hygiene.

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